Sabrina Sato, Brazilian Reporter, Gives Justin Timberlake A Model Of Her Butt [VIDEO]

Justin Timberlake

Former reality TV star turned reporter Sabrina Sato was given the opportunity to interview Justin Timberlake recently and decided to give him an offbeat gift: a model of her ass. During the interview, which can only be described as awkward, Sabrina Sato gave Justin Timberlake an autographed mold of her behind. Justin Timberlake, in turn, was forced to be appreciative when receiving the gift. What would compel an entertainment reporter to pull such a stunt? Our best guess is for attention.

In the interview (which can be viewed below), Sabrina Sato presented the married Justin Timberlake with a large, beautifully wrapped gift box. Upon seeing the contents inside, Justin Timberlake responds: "Oh my god, this is your butt!" He then reads the autograph the reporter signed, which read, "With love, that's very nice." While Justin Timberlake's words were kind and gracious, his facial expressions were far from it. The singer's shock, disgust and discomfort could clearly be seen in his face.

At the end of the interview, Sabrina Sato told the star that she learned English just to interview him. Earlier in the interview, she tells the singer that he sings and dances "like a black American" and proceeds to ask him if he would "want to learn to samba like a black Brazilian?" Justin Timberlake turns down the offer--or rather, his team says no to the idea.

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