Shakira, Rihanna Parody: Watch The Best Version Of ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ And Learn The Mystery Of Colombian’s Singers Voice And Hips

Shakira, Rihanna
“Can’t Remember To Forget You” will drop Jan. 13.

Shakira is a goddess. We at Latin Times love the Colombian songstress - many of us grew up on her music. However, the "Pies Descalzos" singer has a very particular vocal sound - her unique voice is what endears her to many fans but sometimes frustrates others. Hardcore Shakis fans have also voiced some concern over ther 'Gringafication': since she brok the US market she has become much more of a sexy blonde bombshell than the Latina rocker we fell in love with.

Well, Shakira fans and haters now have their wish come true with a HILARIOUS new parody of the song "Can't Remember to Forget You" featuring Rihanna. The video reveals that Shakira's particular vocal stylings come from a frog stuck in her throat! The video is sincerely hilarious and involves the singer's using their butts as sonar tracking devices to find each other. It picks out some great video moments to mock - we love you Shakira but this is just gold!

The video was made by The Key of Awesome. According to the website, Key of Awesome "is a magical musical comedy show featured on the Barely Political channel. In 2009, Ben Relles and Mark Douglas had the crazy idea to create The Key of Awesome just to blow your mind. Like it was nothing. But it wasn’t nothing! The show’s first big hit, the parody Ke$ha, Glitter Puke, was the 2nd most viewed video of 2010 and now has over 90 million views."

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