Singing Resume: Watch Enzo Vizcaíno, Unemployed Journalist, Sing His CV On Barcelona Metro [VIDEO]

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It's a cardinal rule of job hunting that your résumé must stand out from other applicants, but one job seeker in Spain truly took that to heart.

Journalist Enzo Vizcaíno sang his résumé on the Barcelona Metro in Spain to create a performance art resume. He shared on his block that he figured most of his résumés would end up in the garbage, so he figured a virtual one would be a better idea.

"The theme is: Photocopies are expensive," writes Vizcaíno. "And I cannot afford to continue spending money on copies of my résumé that, in the best case scenario, end up in the blue recycling bin. So I decided to offer my services in the metro, singing my CV with a ukulele."

Wondering what his musical résumé, which had a friend filming and another playing the ukulele, included? He shared that he had a bachelor's degree in journalism and a postgraduate diploma. His credentials are rock solid, no doubt, but unfortunately, the unemployment rate in Spain is a whopping 27.2 percent -- more than six million have no jobs.

Vizcaíno's video was posted on YouTube and then shared on social media. He shared on his blog that job offers came pouring in after his video went viral. And if you think his new found fame is getting to his head, think again!

"At the end of the day, like a friend from the news told me when I told her that I didn't have time today, but I could do it tomorrow: Today I'm news, tomorrow I'll disappear," writes Vizcaíno on his blog.

You can find the video of his résumé at the very bottom of this article or read the lyrics (translated in English) below:

LYRICS: (Translation by The Huffington Post)

Degree in journalism
and a master's diploma
that is folded right here,
in case you'd like to see it.

Complementary training:
An online course I found on Groupalia
about community management.
I'm on expert on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest,
Linkedin and MySpace.

Professional experience,
at a local radio station,
with a fellowship contract,
that was unpaid, of course.

And even if it wasn't my thing,
I also worked as a salesperson,
I worked in a call center,
and as a cashier in Mediamark.

With regards to languages I'll say:
My English level is good,
I used to fly with Ryanair.
Parlo anche Italiano, (I also speak Italian)
Livello amore de verano, (Summer fling level)
and I understand some French.

I'm the King of Word,
Excel and Powerpoint.
I control Photoshop.

Don't reach for your wallet,
I'm not here to ask for money.
Though maybe you have a friend or relative...
Need a journalist, screenwriter,
writer or editor,
music composer...

Or maybe you're looking for a more basic service.
I also know how to kneel
and for a special price
I will let you whip me.

For more information
always at your disposition
my profile is at Infojobs.

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