Venezuelan Girls Climb On Top Of Dead Man's Casket To Dance One Last Reggaeton, Community Is Outraged [VIDEO]

Venezuelan Girls
Venezuelan girls dance improperly on top of a coffin. Photo: Screenshoot / Univision

Social networks have always been the echo of everything happening in the world. This is the case of the latest viral video.

In Caracas, Venezuela a group of young girls provoked indignation after they climbed on top of a casket to dance Reggaeton. With inappropriate movements, the video shows one girl pulling up the skirt of the other while she dances. Seconds after, other girl climbs and starts shaking her body with the rhythm of the music.

Many people are condemning the action and frame the scene as a lack of respect and how deteriorated the society is in the South American country.

Currently, the nation is going through a deep economic recession that has spiraled into a humanitarian crisis: food shortages, skyrocketing inflation and a plummeting currency are just a few issues that caused Venezuela to become the world's worst economy.

Watch the full video here.

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