What Type Of Game Is The Tribez? Addictive Game For iPhone, Android Has Twitter Buzzing

The Tribez
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"The Tribez" is a continual twitter topic and trend that has many people asking, what is it? "The Tribez" is a game and downloadable app for your iPhone or Android. The game is the latest in a long line of addicting apps like "Angry Birds," "Candy Crush," "Farmville," and many more. "The Tribez" was created by Game Insight and is an adventure game. The player travels to the past and is exposed to action, adventure and mystery. The game is a city building game similar to "Farmville," "Cityville," and "Frontierville."

The premise of "The Tribez" is that the gamer plays as a modern day person who uncovers an ancient civilization. The gamer must then help the lost civilization expand into a vast empire. The gamer will create buildings and collect resources as they level up and grow their empire. The game keeps players coming back due to its addictive desire to keep building huts and leveling up more and more. The game also intergrades some social media aspects in allowing users to share progress and accomplishments via Facebook and Twitter.

"Greetings, Stranger! The great spirits have promised to send this tribe a new chief! Could it be you?" That is the opening line from "The Tribez." The gamers are led on their quest with the help of Aurora the daughter of the Chief to the neighboring tribe. Aurora is then replaced by a crazy looking scientist who tells the gamer to "make nice with the locals." The game is fairly simple to play, all the user has to do it tape their screen to interact with the people and tasks in the game.

Alec Kubas-Meyer, a writer for the Daily Beast played the game and gave readers a full in depth analysis of his experience. "Within ten seconds, I've already completed a quest, earning 20 gold coins and five experience points. The gameplay is simple and it only takes a few minutes to really grasp the basics..."The Tribez" has a surprising amount of depth. It's a game that is worth telling people about." You can go over to Tribez-game.com and download the app for free on Facebook, Android, iPad and iPhone.

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