Who Will Die In 'The Walking Dead' Season 4? 2 Characters Who May Have 'Horrific' Death [SPOILERS]

The Walking Dead season 4
Season 4 will start filming on May 4. AMC

Season four of "The Walking Dead" premiered with what some consider a relatively low body count. There were only three deaths in episode one. But with the season in full swing there is much more death and gore heading our way. "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman recently spoke with wetpaint.com and explained that there will be many characters both new and beloved that will "die in horrific ways." With a new flu like virus floating around the air turning people into walkers, like Patrick, there will no doubt be more fatalities along the way now that being bitten is the least of the survivors' problems.

When asked by wetpaint.com if season four would see the death of any favorite characters this season, Kirkman responded by saying "Oh yeah definitely!" Kirkman also gave a little insight into how the characters will develop in season four, saying by the end viewers will know and understand these characters better than ever. "I can tell you by the end of season four, you're going to know more about these characters than you've ever known. The first three seasons were about world-building, but by the end of this season, you're going to know more about all the characters than you ever did."

Kirkman continued by saying "There's more personal stuff, I would say it's our biggest season so far." But which characters will survive to see the end of season four? Latin Times came up with a list of four characters that could perish in season four. First up is Baby Judith, wetpaint.com points out that it might be a bit ghoulish to predict the death of a baby. However, since it is the end of the world and there are zombies walking around all over the place, babies are more than vulnerable.

Judith is placed at an even higher risk since she is a baby and more prone to infection. With the airborne virus floating around, Judith will have to hold her breath if she wants to make survive in the prison. It's not as if she can just stroll down to the hospital and get her vaccinations now is it? Kirkman has already confirmed that a major character will die and it is possible that the death will occur as soon as the next episode! Who could it be? There are a number of beloved characters. Many entertainment sites are assuming that Rick is safe.

Possibilities number two and three include Carol and Glen. Recently engaged to Maggie, Glen is a fan favorite. This being "The Walking Dead" nobody is safe. The rumor mill is suggesting that the TV version of Glen will meet the same bloody and brutal ending that his comic book counterpart did. Will Glen and Baby Judith make it to the end of the season? Will another fan favorite bite the dust in their place? "The Walking Dead" is sure to have fans at the edge of their seat the entire season.

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