William Levy To Be On Latina Magazine Cover; Photo Shoot Has Girls Daydreaming Of The Sexy Cuban [VIDEO]

William Levy
Cuban actor William Levy was accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old. He filed a counter suit against the girl and her mother when he claimed he was being blackmailed and defamed for money. Screenshot Latina Magazine Pho

It is a great day when you come across things like a video of William Levy talking about his experience as the next cover guy of Latina Magazine.

Celebrity photographer John Russo made sure girls all over the world had yet another reason to love William Levy even more, and although the Cuban actor revealed he was a little tired and hadn't slept at all, Russo made sure to bring out Levy's charm and charisma.

And how is it possible not to fall in love with him when he says things like "the best quality in Latinas is their personality, that's what I love the most about a woman," or the fact that he likes to lay down at night and watch the moon with a glass of wine in his hand.

How about his humbleness. According to him, he doesn't know why girls like him so much. "Why do I think women love me? I have no idea... 'Cause they have a really bad taste." And then he laughs in the sexiest way possible.

Is he for real?

Ok, we'll let you judge. Here's the video of the photo shoot for Latina Magazine. We know you will enjoy it!

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