What a year 2020 has been, and for social media specifically. We saw the explosion of TikTok and the further integration of Instagram and Facebook features. Social media moves fast, so there are consistent updates being made to the platforms at all times.

For Instagram specifically, users have seen the new feature of reels be added, as well as additional in-app shopping enhancements and other features to help make it easier for businesses and brands to get their products and services out there.

It’s safe to say that there’s no slowing down for Instagram in 2021, and now more than even it’s important to build your following, buy some Instagram followers, and get your content out there to more people who will find it valuable. That will help generate interest in your brand as well as help you to monetize the platform.

Regardless of your Instagram goals and purposes, a larger following can help you— it’s one thing that we all have in common. The more active and engaged followers you have, the more likely it is that your content will perform well.

So, how can you grow your active Instagram followers? If you try to do it yourself, it takes heaps of time, time that you need for content creation among many other things.

The good news is that there are still many effective Instagram growth services out there these days. You’ve just got to know where to look, and which ones to stay away from. It can be a difficult task, with a lot of information and opinions at your disposal, but that’s why we’re here today.

We’re going to give you our top 10 sites to buy Instagram followers in hopes of boosting your follower count and generating interest around your brand.

The Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

We’re going to look at the best sites to buy Instagram followers today so that you can make the best decision possible and have more time to then focus on your other Instagram strategies. Let’s jump in!

1. Growthoid — Recommended

Growthoid hits number one on our list because there are so many things that set it apart from other growth services out there these days. They offer top-quality features like manual growth done by a dedicated account manager, which in turn brings you real, active followers that are connected to your niche.

Frankly, Growthoid is the top growth service out there right now. They’ve got tons of happy clients and are very straightforward and responsive in their support and customer service.

When you sign up for Growthoid, you don’t have to worry about any bogus or fake followers. You’ll complete the signup process, and after that you’ll be assigned your dedicated account manager that will get started on your Instagram growth.

Since Growthoid is targeted Instagram growth, you’ll provide a list of your targeting instructions to your account manager, and then you can sit back and work on your other Instagram tasks while Growthoid handles getting your content more reach.

Growthoid engages with active users in your target audience to generate interest in your profile; this is the top Instagram growth method. You won’t find many other services that actually care about the quality of your followers and work hard to ensure they bring you something of value.

The results that you will see from Growthoid are without a doubt the best that you can find in the Instagram growth market, and the fact that they work manually to grow your account is a huge plus.

They offer different payment options for their two monthly plan options, no contract, and a money-back guarantee. Five stars from us.

2. Growthsilo

Finding a way to grow your real and organic Instagram followers can be a challenge, but Growthsilo is making things much easier. Growthsilo is another useful tool in avoiding the purchase of fake followers and growing your real follower base instead.

A growth tool that works through engagements and is fully managed, Growthsilo is also changing the game in the growth service market. They will use organic techniques to grow real followers that are connected to your niche and target market.

Their signup process is really straightforward; you choose your plan, submit your targeting instructions to your account manager, and then Growthsilo will begin the interactions on your behalf.

What we really love about Growthsilo is that they offer manual Instagram growth through an account manager as well, so you don’t have to worry about any funny business or fake followers on your account.

When you have an account manager working on your targets instead of a bot, you can get more accurate results; bots don’t have as much discretion in terms of selecting the accounts to engage with, so even if you use automation with targeting instructions, you won’t get service as tailored as Growthsilo’s.

Growthsilo has two monthly plan options, both of which will get you access to their targeting features with a few different benefits between them. Their support team is very responsive and always there for you if you have any questions.

They also have a money-back guarantee, which shows that Growthsilo is confident in their services. We think they’re a super productive way to grow your real Instagram followers without buying them.

3. Stellation Media

Stellation Media is another Instagram Growth option that has shaken things up a bit, and you’ll definitely be interested to see what they have to offer for your follower growth.

The engagement tools that they use for gaining new followers is something that’s not like anything else on the market; they focus all of their energy on perpetuating engagements on Instagram stories, which helps to increase your exposure much more than the normal types of engagements that growth services do.

Not only that, you can add additional features like mass DMs, likes, and follow/unfollow as well.

Stellation Media is able to achieve all of this through an automated service that builds in your targeting instructions, so you won’t have to worry about getting fake followers or unrelated ones. They also do everything for you, which means you don’t have to worry about doing any of the technical work to get the service going.

Stellation Media’s support service is there for you to help iron out any issues that may arise, answer any questions you may have, and anything else you’d like to discuss. They are available both through live chat and email, which gives you options.

Some of the targets you can include in your Stellation Media service includes hashtags, location, explore page, and usernames. If you want to try something out that’s using some new technology, Stellation Media is a great option. They also offer a 5 day money-back guarantee.

They offer pretty high ranges of followers, so it may be worth checking out.

4. Media Mister

If you’re not willing to invest in top-quality organic growth methods, but still need some support in terms of your Instagram growth, Media Mister is one of the oldest in the game, and they have some good insight on delivering people with Instagram followers.

Media Mister offers a variety of services for followers and engagements for Instagram, but it doesn’t stop there; if you want to purchase followers or engagements for other social media networks as well and boost your cross-platform presence, Media Mister can help - for example, it’s easy to buy YouTube views & subscribers, too.

The packages that Meda Mister offers won’t break the bank, so that’s a good thing, especially if you’re just getting started or have a strict budget to abide by. They take your safety into account, from purchase to delivery.

They claim to offer high-quality followers, which is good news for a follower package. It’s hard to find purchased followers that are of value, and perhaps they won’t engage with your account, but they may perpetuate more credibility for your page if they look high-quality.

They take a little longer than other services to deliver your purchase, but when you buy bulk followers and engagements, it’s better that they come in a bit more slowly so that they don’t flag Instagram.

Media Mister offers many payment options, so you can feel comfortable while you pay and secure in your choice. Their money-back guarantee is available if for some reason things don’t work out.

5. InstaMama

Another well-respected site to buy cheap Instagram followers in bulk is InstaMama. They also have a longer track record in the growth service market, so that’s a good sign that they have some knowledge about providing their clients with something worthwhile.

Their deals are pretty affordable, so you can get exactly what you need in terms of followers and engagements at a reasonable price. There are cheaper services out there, but InstaMama offers high-quality profiles as well as high retention rates for the followers, which is good.

When you buy packaged followers, they may fall off over time if Instagram identifies them as fake or inactive. Instagram goes through and clears out these profiles over time, so that’s the reason that you may see them disappear when you use these services.

InstaMama keeps your information and data safe, as they don’t require your password. You’ll never need to give your password to a service that is delivering bulk followers, so make sure you keep your eye out for that.

They also value your safety in the sense that the followers or engagements will be gradually delivered so as not to raise any eyebrows at Instagram.

In addition to Instagram, InstaMama can provide for Twitter and other platforms as well.

6. SidesMedia

A big follower package heavy-hitter in terms of Instagram growth services is also SidesMedia. They’ve been around for quite a while, and they are determined to provide the best possible for their clients.

They claim that their followers are high-quality and real, so that’s a plus, but how is it possible? They state that their followers are accounts that are created by real people, so they’re getting paid for interacting and following you.

They’ve basically created a network of real followers to offer their clients. This is beneficial in the sense that it technically doesn’t go against Instagram’s terms of use and you won’t have any risk involved in terms of being suspended or banned. That gives an extra layer of peace of mind. SidesMedia also offers services for a range of other platforms including buying Spotify plays.

SidesMedia typically delivers their orders within 72 hours, which is a pretty good turnaround, but for larger orders it might be wise to request more. They have a variety of different payment plans that can work for your needs and budget, so they’re all around a good choice for your Instagram growth.

7. Social Packages

Social Packages is a little bit less flashy on their website, but they have pretty good prices for their services and offer pretty quick delivery turnaround time for their Instagram followers.

They drip their followers on, but they offer anywhere between 500-5000 followers, all of which will be dispersed between 1-3 days. They don’t require your password, so that’s also a good sign.

Their payment options are flexible, between PayPal and credit card, and they also offer services for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Spotify.

The only thing that seemed a bit odd was their response to the possibility of getting banned; it was very short and very definitive. They said that it was impossible and there’s no such risk, which while potentially reassuring, not 100% guaranteed when buying packaged followers.

We’ve heard that they offer a guarantee for followers that have dropped off, but we haven’t seen any such promise, so we’re inclined to believe that perhaps they removed it. Social Packages aren’t the most extensive Instagram growth service, but they can do the job if you need a boost.

8. Famoid

Famoid has really high customer ratings, which helps boost its credibility in the social media growth market. They claim to change all of your bad thoughts about social media services, which is a refreshing take. Hopefully they live up to it over time.

They offer 24/7 support which is a good sign that they do care about their customers, and they also say that they send you no bots or fakes. They only send you real and active users, and are completely organic.

If you experience a decrease in followers, they will provide you with an additional supplement of followers to make up for it. They say it’s automatic and that you don’t even have to ask for it, so that’s pretty cool.

Hopefully you won’t lose too many of your followers there, though. They offer services for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, so you have a big opportunity there to strengthen your social media across three networks.

You can buy anywhere from 250 Instagram followers up to 25,000, and they drop these followers in over time so that you don’t flag Instagram. They will respond quickly after you make your order, so you don’t have to worry that they are scamming you or that your order won’t be fulfilled.

If you’re looking for bulk follower packages, Famoid offers a pretty competitive service.

9. CheapIGFollowers

CheapIGFollowers focuses on getting you likes, followers, and views on Instagram. They Have a variety of different plan options and say that you can even choose between only high-quality looking accounts or real, premium Instagram followers.

Their packages range from 100-10000 followers, and the price difference isn’t too much higher for the premium follower packages. They claim that their followers and engagements can help to boost your profile visibility and help your account performance.

They offer safe delivery, and also have 24/7 support for your purchases. They also say that if you prefer an instant delivery, they can also honor your request.

They actually put a lot of different information on their website in terms of how to help your Instagram growth, and offer a guarantee for followers that drop off over time. That’s a good sign that they’re likely to make good on the purchases that you make from them.

10. StormLikes

StormLikes has a lot of good experience in the follower growth market, and makes sure they provide you with something valuable and none of those fake or ghost followers that people are always trying to avoid.

They are an Instagram-specific service, so you won’t see other offerings on their site, but that means that they can really hone in on your Instagram services. They do offer engagements such as likes and comments as well.

Their support team is top notch with 24/7 support, and their pricing is really a good value. They offer a variety of different targeting options that you can also specify in terms of the following that you’ll receive from them.

You can customize the plan for how many likes or followers you want, and these engagements can help you to increase your Instagram presence.

StormLikes has instant delivery for their likes, which can be good if you are looking for something instant.

All in all, they’re worth checking out for your Instagram growth and engagement performance.

Tips to Get Started

And that wraps up our top ten list of the best sites to buy active Instagram followers ! Hopefully you’ve been able to find something that makes sense for you. Before we let you go, we want to give you a few more things to consider before you make your decision.

There are so many people out there trying to grow their Instagram account, so you’ve got to make sure you keep these things in mind when choosing your growth service.

Tip 1: Define your Goals

If you don’t have set goals for your account, you won’t get far. The first thing you want to establish is price points— how much can you spend, and how much are you willing to spend? You also want to weigh factors like how quickly you want your followers to come in, do you want real, long-term growth from a service like Growthoid or Growthsilo, or will package followers do? Ultimately, most goals are going to be better served by real followers, since followers that don’t engage with your content aren’t going to bring you much value.

Tip 2: Don’t Underestimate Instagram

Instagram doesn’t offer services for buying followers for a reason, and they have taken steps over the years in order to uphold the integrity of the platform and prevent people from buying followers to fortify their account.

Because of that, you’ve got to stick with reputable growth services that have been around for a while and understand how to keep your profile active and unflagged. This can happen through slow delivery of followers, as well as through organic growth services that work manually with account managers.

If you stick to services like these, you should be safe, but keep in mind, sometimes buying package followers can have consequences.

Tip 3: Keep Working After You Buy

No matter if you decide to buy a bunch of followers or not, you absolutely still need to keep producing excellent content and have a good strategy in place for your Instagram account. It’s all too common for people to think that once they have the followers bought or the growth service running, they don’t have to do anything else.

It’s unfortunately not that easy. You need to continue to produce top-notch content because there’s so much competition out there these days. The better your Instagram content is, the more followers and engagements you’ll get over time.

Keep learning about your target audience and keep tailoring your brand and image to the trends in that niche. You’ll be more likely to have better success on the platform that way.

Final Thoughts: Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram won’t be slowing down anytime soon, and definitely not in 2021. You’ve got ten great resources now to help you with all of your follower needs.

Be sure that you have a clear goal for what you want; many of these sites are to buy Instagram followers in bulk, and while they’re good quality, they’re not going to be able to deliver all of your engagements and actually provide conversion.

They may help to generate more interest on your account, but that will still need time. Using a growth service like Growthoid or Growthsilo will be more focused and real, engaged followers, but it can also take a bit to get growth started, as everything is organic and you’ve got to give it some time.

Be patient and use the support available to you to help your Instagram reach new heights.