The Latin Times is here to give a greater voice to Latinos in the United States.

Latinos are an incredibly diverse group with various ethnicities, social and political views that makes up a large and growing part of the US population and economy.

Latinos need a dedicated media outlet that understands them and has their best interest at heart. At Latin Times, we believe that a thriving and well integrated Latino community will contributes to a thriving United States of America. So whether you are a Latino or not, enjoy The Latin Times to understand the issues that move Latinos today!

The Latin Times' core values of truth and freedom will guide the editorial's focus on bringing the facts to our readers and let them make their own decisions. At The Latin Times we will not compromise or hide facts. We are here to serve our audience by providing uncompromising journalism.

The Latin Times is also much more than an online newspaper, it is also a place for Latinos to find information and data on topics they care about.

And as we care for Latinos of all ages, you will find our content on various platforms with different delivery and tone, never compromising on accuracy and veracity.

Welcome to The Latin Times!


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Editor-in-Chief: Alejandro Angeles
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Politics Reporter: Reinaldo Escobar
Immigration Reporter: Joshua Solorzano
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Entertainment Reporter: Jessica Acosta
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Community Manager: Tatiana Giraldo
Multimedia Producer: Nicolas Correa