Christmas is right around the corner and you are already making a list of all the movies you plan to watch to add more of the holiday cheer to the auspicious day. And if we are not wrong, Netflix, with its hefty haul of Christmas films has occupied a major spot on the list? Well, if that’s truly the case, you are missing out on the golden Hallmark Christmas movies that have been bringing a smile to our faces for years without fail. 

While the world has evolved and so have our films, Hallmark Christmas movies still have that small-town charm, quirky, sweet-natured characters, and that heart-warming romance you are looking for, which trumps every Christmas film Netflix has. 

1. A Royal Christmas

When Emily finds out that the marriage proposal she just said yes to is from a prince, she travels to his home on Christmas. But his mother isn’t happy with the fact that Emily is a seamstress at her father's tailoring business and goes out of her way to make her feel unwelcome at the castle. It has a little drama and a whole lot of romance infused in the festive air, making it one of the best Hallmark Christmas movies

2. The Christmas Card

After a soldier receives an anonymous inspirational Christmas card, while he was serving in Afghanistan, he sets out to find the one who wrote the letter. When he meets the woman in questions, he falls in love with but struggles to win her heart as she is already engaged to another man. 

3. Christmas Under Wraps

One of the must-watch Hallmark Christmas movies, the film follows the story of a doctor who moves to the remote, festive town of Garland, Alaska, for a temporary job, she falls in love with a handsome local. And while she learns the importance of life in the quaint little town she gradually warms up to, she soon finds that they may be hiding a big secret. 

4. My Christmas Love

A woman starts receiving “12 Days of Christmas” gifts anonymously at her door. Being someone who has been rather unlucky in love, she sets out on the hunt to find her mystery suitor in hopes that he may live up to her expectations of a dream partner.

5. Journey Back To Christmas

A nurse from the World War II-era is magically transported to the year 2016, that too around Christmas time. She discovers that Christmas is timeless when she meets a man who shows her the bonds of family and love- the perfect combination of Hallmark Christmas movies. 

6. A Crown For Christmas

When a young woman accepts a position as a governess for a European princess, she ends up becoming her role model and friend. But trouble ensues when she falls for her widowed father, King Maximillian followed by a scheming countess, dead set on becoming his wife, shifting her attention to the governess in order to make her life as difficult as possible.

7. Let It Snow

An executive wants to transform her company’s rustic lodge into a new hot spot, while avoiding the festive decorations of Christmas adorning the place. But in this quest, she meets the owners' son who also dislikes the holiday season and eventually develops romantic feelings for him. 

9. When Calls The Heart Christmas

A young teacher living in a turn-of-the-century coal mining town is gearing up to celebrate a Christmas in the proper way but soon troubles come knocking, threatening to ruin their celebrations. 

10. A Christmas Detour

A hopeless romantic, soon-to-be-a-bride meets a cynical man, who has lost all faith in love when her flight detoured and they end up bonding and sharing. And as they spend more time together, she starts doubting her decision and wonders if she is marrying the right man. 

So, how about going on a binge-watching spree and find out whether Hallmark Christmas movies are better than the ones on Netflix?