10 Most Shocking, Awkward Moments From Latin Celebrities On Live TV In 2016

Jennifer López, Kate Del Castillo And Alicia Machado
Jennifer Lopez, Kate Del Castillo And Alicia Machado, among other personalities, had an intense 2016, see their most shocking moments on TV here! Screenshot/ Youtube/ Abc News/ The Late Late Show with James Corden /1entrevistas/

In 2016, the Latin community had an important TV exposure and strong presence in the political and entertainment fields all over the world. Social Media definitely helped out these events by making them viral, reaching popularity throughout the year. Because of the impact of several events occured throughout the last 11 months, we have selected a few to remind you what 2016 was all about. 

From Kate del Castillo to Jennifer Lopez, we have some of the most shocking Latin celebrity and TV personalities videos and how those moments will be forever remembered.

Kate Del Castillo's First Interview On TV After "El Chapo" Scandal

In March 2016, the soap opera actress met with Diane Sawyer to talk on live television about all the accusations after her visit with the mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. A very scared and confused Kate faced her truth on a very interesting interview where she opened up and cleared all the rumors leaked on why she was in contact with U.S. and Mexico's most-wanted criminal, and how she was dealing with the massive attacks from Mexican authorities.

Alicia Machado Talks About Trump On TV

The moment when Alicia Machado admits for the first time on live Television that she was treated badly by Donald Trump was very painful for the Latin community. Machado told Univision reporter, Jorge Ramos, that she was body-shamed by the president-elect because of her weight. She also said that during her Miss Universe term, she suffered a lot of humiliations, from a "cold, sad and arrogant human being," as she describes Trump. The Venezuelan beauty  opened up about the nicknames he used to call her (“Miss Piggy,” “Miss House-Keeping,” or “Eating- Machine”) and how painful it would be if he become President of the United States of America, which ended up happening Nov. 8.

Jennifer Lopez shares a text message from Leo Dicaprio on "Carpool Karaoke"

In the amazing segment of the Late Late Show's "Carpool Karaoke," we have enjoyed a lot of great moments, but when James Corden stole JLo’s phone and texted Leonardo Dicaprio, we just went crazy. During the show, James texted Leo: “Hey baby, I'm kinda feeling like I need to cut loose. Any suggestions? Let me know. Ps. JLo (you know, from the block)," and even though Jennifer was not even expecting the "Titanic" actor to answer, he replied: "You mean tonight, boo boo? Club-wise?."

Francisca Lachapel blackouts on “Despierta América”

One of the memorable moments from 2016 was when the host from the famous morning TV show  “Despierta América,” Francisca Lachapel, fainted in front of a crowd in New York City. During the broadcast transmission from Manhattan, the talented Dominican fell on stage causing all the public to panic at the moment. Rapidly she was taken to a hospital. Later on the show Lachapel expressed she had suffered from an excess of stress and carelessness of her diet.

Female Telemundo Reporter Is Hit On The Face

What a moment! Telemundo’s reporter Iris Delgado was attacked in front of the Philadelphia City Hall. Everything happened near the end of her live segment from outside of the building when a woman wearing a green shirt appeared on camera trying to catch Delgado's attention. "Excuse me, I'm sorry," the attacker said in English, while Delgado continued her story.

When the broadcast was almost over, the news host started to speak from the studio and the attacker took the reporter from the head and hit her on the face with anger. The moment was really aggressive and awkward.

The Ultimate Kiss That 'Scratched' Shannon De Lima

JLo and Marc Anthony’s kiss during the Latin Grammy Music Awards 2016 was priceless. The moment happened after their performance for the song “Olvídame Y Pega La Vuelta,” when the crowd started shouting the duo to kiss and so they did. During the ceremony, Marc was awarded with the most important prize of the night as “Person Of The Year.”

April’s Fool Joke By Karla Martínez

Karla Martínez, co-host from "Despierta América" really fooled everybody on the set when she fainted on camera causing tremendous concern from her fellow co-host Alan Tacher, Francisca Lachapel and all the cast. After a minute lying on a couch, Karla woke up saying: “Happy Fools Day Everybody” while the camera never stopped transmitting.

Gael Garcia Bernal Builds The Mexico Wall On TV

As a joke for “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” actor Gael Garcia Bernal was interviewed as Martín Hernández, a man who supports building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Colbert talked to him about his interests on building the wall being Hispanic and confronts him about why he supports the wall construction. Gael replies to Colbert saying: "I'm not Mexican, I'm Canadian and I'm building a wall to impede Americans from coming to Canada." The actor was fantastic on the clip.

Ariadna Gutierrez Cries On Steve Harvey's Show

Miss Colombia 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez's most shocking moment after Steve Harvey’s huge mistake during Miss Univers 2015, was when she saw Harvey for the first time on Live TV after the beauty pageant. He invited the popular model to his show on January 2016 to officially apologize to her and all Colombians for his error. During the show, Gutierrez cried while she was interviewed, and encouraged Colombians to get over the incident and move forward.

Alejandra Guzman Gets Mad On “Va Por Ti”

Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán got really pissed on “Va Por Ti,” when one of the singing competition TV show contestants, Shika D'Razzi, defended herself responding aggressively while Guzmán was judging her. Shika was expressing her concerns about why she didn’t properly memorize a song, and when Alejandra tried to prove her wrong, the Dominican contestant responded in a rude way making the singer get really mad.

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