11 Reasons Why We Love Jaime Camil

Jaime Camil
He is the true definition of the "Latin Lover" type we want to see on our screens, but Jaime Camil is much more than that. Here are a few reasons why we love him! Reuters

Ever since he got the role as Rogelio de la Vega in "Jane The Virgin," Jaime Camil has been an unstoppable force in the US. However,  Latinos knew about him way before when he was doing telenovelas, and have always had the biggest crush on him. Jaime Camil is the embodiment of a real Latin lover, who not only is hot, but is also classy and a true gentleman.

He is a family man, cares about his kids, loves his wife and is a hard working man. Sounds perfect, right? That's right, he's too good to be true, not to mention extremely nice and funny. Add to that that he's very easy on the eye, and you've got yourself a papacito! Scroll through our gallery and check out just some of the many reasons why we love him!

Just look at him. Isn't he gorgeous? Getty
He's not afraid to be fashionably bold! Getty
He looks like he's the best dad in the world. Instagram
And he sure makes for a super cool godfather! Mezcalent
Even as a Mariachi he looks fantastic. Pantelion Films
And he's not afraid to embrace his feminine side. Mezcalent
Jaime could easily be Neo in The Matrix Mezcalent
And he's BFFs with Eva Longoria (well, maybe not BFFs but they sure know each other!) Mezcalent
Although he hangs out with famous celebrity, the number one star in his heart is his wife Heidi Balvanera Mezcalent
Regardless of the fact that he's married and has the cutest daughter ever, sometimes we can't help but to imagine him in a tux waiting for us to walk down the aisle. Mezcalent
And although we know that's not going to be possible now, we still love him because he's one of the coolest, most down-to-earth guys Hollywood has ever met! Mezcalent