A mother continues to mourn the loss of her 11-year-old child, an innocent minor who was brutally killed by his uncle in Limerick.

The man was identified as Patrick Dillon, the half-brother of Sonia Aylmer and the uncle of the minor. The victim was identified as Brooklyn Colbert, struck with a hammer and reportedly stabbed 27 times in Ballynanty, Limerick per a report from the Irish Mirror.

The murder happened on Nov. 3, 2019, in an unprovoked attack. Dillon was taken in by the family and loved as their own before the heinous crime. However, it was learned that the uncle was never popular as a child. The mother suggested that the despicable act may have stemmed from jealousy because Colbert was very popular.

“I think he was jealous of Brooklyn and the love Brooklyn got. And I think he was jealous of how popular Brooklyn was,” Aylmer said. “Because he [Dillon] wasn’t popular as a child, he was a loner.”

From someone they treated like family and loved, Dillon is now seen as a monster for his heinous actions. The man was meted a life sentence after pleading guilty to the murder of the 11-year-old boy.

Regardless, the ruling has not changed the fact that the mother lost a son. She continues to struggle but knows that she needs to move on, believing that her son would have wanted her to do well in life.

“I’m going to live in Brooklyn and do well with my life. I know that’s what Brooklyn would have wanted," the grieving mother said.

Sonia can now only look back at the good times she had with Brooklyn, calling him a bundle of joy. She also added that anyone who met the 11-year-old would immediately fall in love with him.

Two years have passed and Halloween only makes it harder for the grieving mother. A reason for this is that this is the time of the year that Brooklyn loves.

“He loved it. We always went all out with everything, making his costume, deciding what he was going to wear, he really loved Halloween. I loved it as well. So this week now is very hard,” Aylmer added.

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