Ugly Betty
America Ferrera as Ugly Betty

Being Latin is something only Latinos understand. We’re always super proud of our Latinness' of course, but there are some instances when our lives are made easier and more enjoyable just for the simple fact of being Latinos. It might be the little things that can even become cultural inside jokes; or it might be those areas of expertise you’ve been working on since you were a child, like dancing salsa, braiding hair or making guacamole which you thought you never use as an adult. Remember all those pieces of advice our abuelas have given us over the years? Or all those recipes she taught your mom? They are our favorite things to eat plus have sentimental value. That’s priceless!

It’s really not about where you were born but where you and your family come from. It might be Colombia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Chile, Dominican Republic, etc… but you know what they say, “you can take a person out of their home country, but you can’t get their home country out of a person.” It’s in our blood!

  1. When you need to speak Spanish. A second language always comes in handy, whether it’s to help translate something for the old man in the bodega or communicate something to your only friend who speaks Spanish in the room.
  2. When there's music on. It doesn’t matter if it’s salsa, banda, bachata or cumbia: you have rhythm!
  3. When you’re meeting your new in-laws! We've had years of practice charming our abuelas, obeying our moms and dads, and now, the new suegros. Right up your alley!
  4. When you go to big house parties or meet big families. Some people can get overwhelmed with big, loud crowds but not Latinos. We’re not only used to it but our immediate family is close to 40 people.
  5. When they turn the heat on... at the table. Jalapeños are for kids and Habaneros are an everyday thing. “You call spicy tuna spicy?”
  6. When your waiter is a fellow Latino: you know you speak the same language. “Lots of lemons,” means a ton of limes and medium spicy means super hot.
  7. When your tan is better than everyone else’s.
  8. When you eat one of your abuela’s recipes. It really is all about the food.
  9. When there's booze involved. It’s no secret that we can handle our tequilas, piscos, micheladas, rum, caipirinhas, etc… better than some. Bring it on!
  10. When there's a conversation about Latinos going on and you're the only one that can make jokes. Everyone else will sound racist.
  11. When there’s a celebration of any kind. We redefine the term ready to party and wait for some holidays all year long. This is why we can make a birthday last three days and Christmas can last up to a week.
  12. When you realize you have two have two home countries. The one you live in and the one in your heart.

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