Abuela and granddaughter
Abuela and granddaughter Reuters

We've all been told moms are always right, and even though some of us learned that the hard way, they totally are. Now just imagine how wise ‘abuelas’ are; they are moms who’ve lived longer, moms who probably have more common sense thanks to experience, and moms who take on raising and advising two generations instead of one! They are the pillar of every Latino family, and although sometimes it’s brutal, we grow up to learn that there’s no better advice than the one you get from an ‘abuela’. So next time she hands you a piece of wisdom, take it use it. Here are only a few of the times when, as always, your ‘abuela’ was right:

  1. When she told you not to leave your house with money and a key. "You never know, mijita."
  2. When she demanded you do not follow Santería but you respect it.
  3. All those times she said: "That is not a real reason to cry, mijito." It wasn't.
  4. She was right EVERY time she questioned your torn jeans.
  5. When she told you anything that happens after 10pm is not for decent girls.
  6. When she told you never to leave the house with wet hair.
  7. When she said, “He who is sick is not hungry at the same time.”
  8. When she taught you to never ask people’s age. Ever.
  9. Unfortunately, she had a point when she said it's the same thing to fall in love with a rich one than a poor one. Brutal but true?
  10. When she said, “Never accept the first price. There’s always room to bargain.” She was right too.
  11. When she taught you to never believe what the neighbor tells you.
  12. All those times she said, “These days it’s easy! Back in the day we had nothing!”
  13. Or those times she’s said, “The world is going through a horrible time, there are no values left.” She has a point!
  14. When she told you to finish all your food. “EAT, EAT, EAT, mijo.”

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