A 16-year-old girl was reportedly set on fire by a stalker who was relentlessly calling and demanding friendship. The schoolgirl died on Monday, Aug. 29, after suffering severe burns.

The female victim was identified as Ankita Kumari who was poured with petrol by the suspect, identified as Shahrukh Hussain.

It appears that Kumari refused his advances of Hussain and rejected him, leading the neighbor to issue threats of killing her. According to the teen, there was another unnamed man who carried out the despicable assault.

Kumari was able to narrate some of the things that happened before dying from her injuries. She explained how she was surprised to wake up on Tuesday with her body in flames, rushing to her father, Sanjeev Singh, for help.

The family of Kumari tried to extinguish the flames and then brought the 16-year-old to the hospital. She suffered from severe burns everywhere except for her face.

"I informed my father about the threat, after which he assured me that he would talk to the man's family on Tuesday,” Kumari said at the hospital. "On Tuesday morning, I experienced a sensation of pain on my back and could smell something burning. I found [the attacker] running away when I opened my eyes. I started screaming in pain and went to my father's room. My parents doused the fire and took me to the hospital."

Per reports, Hussain allegedly poured petrol on Kumari through a window as she was sleeping and was then set on fire.

After admitting to the crime, Hussain was arrested by Jharkhand State police. A video showing his arrest spread over social media, seemingly showing the suspect smirking as police took him into custody.

In another report, Hussain was allegedly forcing Kumari to marry him and convert to Islam.

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