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New episode of "Summer House" presented a diversified cast, with two Latino cast members sharing the screen for the first time.

Danielle Olivera, a long-time cast member, made her first appearance of the season in the second episode of the reality series. She met Chris Leoni, who joined the Bravo show in its current seventh season. They shared a sweet moment together, as per Deadline.

Leoni was paired up with Olivera, an app developer, in a game of cornhole. They were up against Kyle Cooke and Samantha Feher, who noted that the paired-up teammates could be siblings.

Olivera said that they could, and she told Leoni that she was Puerto Rican.

Leoni asked her if she spoke Spanish to which she replied, "Un poquito (a little bit)."

Leoni said in Spanish that he's "Hondurian and Uruguayan."

The moment was brief, but for Latino viewers, the scene was impactful. It showcased that they can also be part of spaces like the Hamptons, where show is shot.

Leoni later said in the show that his mother is from Honduras and his father is from Uruguay. He shared that coming to America is "one of the hardest and biggest things for any immigrant to do." He just wants to make sure he makes his "parents proud."

In the past also, "Summer House" opened up about race issues. In 2022, Mya Allen talked about the microaggressions that she had experienced from her co-stars that are predominately white. The episode showed the house coming together to address the issues and making efforts to make her feel included.

In a March 2022 interview with ET, Allen said that she raised her voice for the other cast members of color like Olivera, Ciara Miller and Alex Wach.

Meanwhile, Olivera and her boyfriend, Robert Sieber, have parted ways after being together for two-and-a-half years.

Olivera told E! News on Wednesday that they broke up in November 2022, but "it's still hard to say out loud."

She said that it's sad, but she is finding her "happy slowly but surely." She has a lot of "really great friends, even the girls on the show. They've been so, so nice to me."

She shared that "there's no animosity" between the former partners.

She said that there's still a "lot of love there and mutual respect, but it just wasn't working out." She noted that if they "can't be happy together, then we have to find our happy separately."

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