In what appears to be an act of sheer ignorance, a 3-year-old boy in Florida accidentally shot his sister with a gun owned by a family friend. As reported by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd at a news conference, the girl was rushed to a healthcare facility soon after and continues to be in an "exceptionally critical condition" despite having undergone surgery.

The gory incident took place shortly before midnight at a residence in Lakeland, where three men had gathered to watch a basketball game. Turns out, one of the men identified as Kevonte Wilson had brought a gun along, which was hidden in between couch cushions.

While the men got engrossed in the game, the little boy in the house spotted the gun and sneaked it out without the knowledge of anyone else. He tried his luck at seeing whether it worked and accidentally shot his sister in the process.

The sound of the gunshots alerted the men about the deadly accident, who then immediately rushed the toddler to the hospital. But, as luck had it, another unfortunate event awaited—they got into a minor accident with another vehicle, en route to the hospital. The accident led to several other significant injuries as well, averred Judd.

However, things turned around for the better when a helpful man stopped by and helped the bleeding girl and the injured man get to the hospital. The man—however, succumbed to minor injuries— and was released shortly after being treated.

The Sheriff’s office also discovered marijuana at the home where the shooting occurred. The launch led to the arrest of the homeowner Chad Berrien, for being in possession of marijuana and maintaining a house for drug use.

Wilson also faces additional charges of failing to safely store a firearm, carrying a concealed firearm, and possession of marijuana, Judd said, while the third man was not arrested.

The 3-year-old boy who has been placed under his grandmother’s care will not be facing charges. Judd attributed the unfortunate incident to sheer negligence, as reported by PEOPLE. “It just appears to be a horrible, tragic accident that should have never have occurred,” he said.

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