There is 31-days left until the 2014 Winter Olympics kick off in Sochi, Russia. Athletes from all over the world will compete in a wide variety of sports from ice hockey, to curling, to figure skating and speed skating and work to bring their country honor and a gold medal, proving to themselves and the world that they are the best of the best. Since the games will be taking place in Russia NBC Olympics will be live streaming over 1,000 hours of the Olympics online at

MPVD subscribers will have online access to exclusive content, real time coverage and results, medal standings, interviews with athletes and event replays. Those looking to stream the Olympic Games live on their mobile devices will have to verify their authenticated cable, satellite or Telco providers in order to view the events. The Olympics have been a driving force behind the movement to allow online live streaming. According to NBC, MPVD verified 9.9 million devices for the 2012 games in London.

Using any mobile device MPVD subscribers can verify their connection at and will be able to view the games on that device.  The Sochi games begin February 6 and will run until February 23. There will be a total of 15 sports played in the 2014 Winter Olympics. The world’s top competitors will face off against each other in ice hockey, Figure skating, Alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsleigh, cross-country, curling, freestyle skating, luge, Nordic Combined, short track, skeleton, ski jumping, snowboard and speed skating. For the full schedule of each sporting event visit