This will be a very positive year, says psychic Alba M. The clairvoyant, in a previous interview with Latin Times, reported that 2018 is the year of transformation and transmutation. This year Jupiter, the planet that rules Capricorn, will be making way for positive things. Important moments in the world will also take place, even in the political field and in world leadership, since, according to Alba, Pluto is the planet that rules the earth, oil, and gasoline.

The psychic predicts that California will suffer a strong earthquake, between Baja California and Mexico. Due to the tremor, there will be some energy shifts that will be very important for the planet and will generate a conscience, and human sensitivity that will be fostered.

According to Alba, Venezuela will be experiencing many changes, where the population will learn to be more united. Brazil must expect very positive social transformations. Paris will suffer terrorism again and the world will be alerted about a meteorite that will fall in Russia or the North Pole. In the not too distant future, the aliens will begin to give signals in the sky indicating that they exist and that they know that humans exist as well.

How The Rest Of 2018 Will Be For Each Sign

  • Aries

In love, you have to forgive. Forget past relationships and you have to tell yourself that what happened in the past you should not do it again in your present relationship or in your future relationship if you're single right now. If you are currently in a relationship, there must be communication. If you are living together outside of marriage, the relationship this year may grow more, including bringing a new member into the family.

For those without a partner, love will come to your life from the first week of April of this year. You will consolidate trips with your future partner, communication, projects together, it will be very nice in the area of love for Aries but taking into account that you must forgive yourself for past actions in previous relationships; singles especially.

In the professional area, there will be a lot of workforces, vigor. You will feel a little exhausted from so many things you have to do, but God is going to give you the opportunity, the strength to achieve all your goals and objectives for this year. In 2018 you will have to learn not to mix professional with personal. It's going to be a year of opportunities abroad.

In health, you'll go through a lot of spiritual healing. Be careful of your feet, especially with falls. Beware of swimming pools or beaches because you can fall and break a foot.

  • Leo

This is going to be a year of highs and lows in the relationships area. You will have a wonderful opportunity to find something real. There will be a lot of fertility, prosperity, in all material and professional levels. The first three months of the year you must ask with faith what you want to be able to then obtain the final harvest of this year 2018. Your cards are on the table but you have to play them. In the area of finance you must be clear about your objective and then consolidate the project in order to have positive gains at a financial level and professional success.

In the area of family and health, there will be a family death and that will close an important cycle in your life. You have to take good care of your lung area. Your letters talk about flu, certain infections, and even bronchitis.

  • Sagittarius 

The judgment card, the arcane of the trial, is in the area of your relationships, everything that has to go of your life is gone, everything that does not work in your life is radically gone and new protagonists arrive. You will have a very positive promotion at a professional level. Sagittarius will define if they stay with this person, if the relationship is going to survive.

All those thoughts that the Sagittarians have had about loneliness will be an opportunity as long as they know how to appreciate what is really worth it. During this year 2018, you will decide who you will stay with in the professional level. This year will be very good for all those Sagittarians who want to start their own business because they will put all the cards on the table and they will give all the positive guidelines so that those doors of prosperity will be opened. Then the Sagittarian will have clear ideas including important foreign alliances. The area of the heart and circulation have to be taken care of a little.

  • Cancer

For Cancer, this year 2018, will see important births in the family and positive energy changes. There is a very beautiful transformation in the emotional area, those who are single consolidate fruitful unions and possible marriage.
Cancers made an internal transformation a while ago and now the sun will shine. There will be many births in the families of Cancers. A lot of love, a lot of couple harmony, a lot of communication. If there are misunderstandings in the marriage there will be a renewal of marriage vows, very nice things, celebrations, baptisms, birthdays, baby showers, family activities that will be joining more to family love, love for oneself and love for a couple that will be consolidated.

You must take care of certain negative energies of people who are offering you protection in a business and it is a lie, or labor protection and behind your back thet don't want you to be working there.

You must take care of the area of the kidneys, the stomach, the entire abdominal area, liver. For Cancer, this year in the family an important person dies, this will make you more vulnerable but that will lead to more union and more love with your partner and with other people. 

  • Scorpio

If you are in a loving relationship, where you live together but are not married, you should keep in mind that there will be a manipulation where the father or mother of one of you will try to end it between you two. Scorpios take the reins of their lives but always have to get out of that dark world that does not allow them to sometimes see beyond their nose and face their own reality of what you have in your hands.

If you're single, karma and dharma will do their jobs on the ones who hurt you. In the professional area, the light comes out. If you have a business, this will be a favorable year. You have to be careful with people who are going to want to make you an offer because in the end, it will end up with irregularities. In the family, the health of the mothers of the Scorpios will be affected, there may be a somewhat fatal diagnosis. There is a very important transformation in the family where you take control and there is a vindication of the things that five or six years ago you had done wrong.

  • Pisces

For Pisces, 2018 brings a radical change in their lives. Pisces live in themselves, in their present, in their spiritual growth. They must live a little because they can become unbalanced and that can also affect the person they have by their side.

In the professional area, you will have protection, support, help. There will be a negotiation that will not work and can not be avoided. That represents another better project, although it is not the fame, the projection that you are looking for, you have to wait for the divine opportunity to present itself.

The health of the mother is a little affected. It seems that you are going to talk about legal papers at the level of inheritance or trust family or titles of apartment house titles. You will have situations of blood circulation, you can even acquire some bacteria.

  • Capricorn

For Capricorn this is the year of the star, important things, protection, consolidation, security, stability. You will stop being seen as the crazy goat of the zodiac. You will leave the vices, the cigarette, the alcohol, you will concentrate a little more on your healthy life, also emotional.

You are going to investigate the hidden things, esoteric knowledge. You are going to take care of your spiritual growth. Capricorn is going to have a very positive year, it will be the whole year like that. Those who are single receive good news, not marriage but an important long-term commitment. You are going to have a very solid union this year and there are some matrimas, renewal of votes.

Capricorn has Jupiter well located this year. It will be a very prosperous, positive year, you will have support from important brands.

  • Taurus

Taurus must stop being a bit stubborn. If you are alone you have to take your inner child out for a walk, so that life will see you more relaxed because Taurus demands a lot and is very strong. They will have life lessons.

In love, Taurus' life takes control and security. They open up their emotions, with foreign people or people who have been outside their country or where they are living for a good time and make a very nice connection.

At the professional level, Taurus will have a very great and very positive transformation, but you should be aware of envies and negative energies because Taurus is going to undertake big things and will be in focus.

  • Virgo

You are going to have a very important adventure. A transformation, a deep change for Virgo, in fact with the same important partner. Security, stability, they will give you all the guidelines to have in your love relationship and with yourself with self-love.

Three important businesses that consolidate this year for the favor of Virgo. Two businesses, jobs and excessive passion. This year will feel like you always have a delicate stomach.

  • Libra

You are very hesitant. Two opportunities, one with a person from the past and one with a foreign person who has been watching you for a long time will arise. You have to grab the opportunities that suit you but not make such an extreme judgment. Marriage, couples will fight, but eventually will end up understanding each other better.

Libra will be successful in negotiations with people from other foreign lands. The father's health will be very delicate, you may lose that loved one.

  • Gemini

Gemini this year will find the relationship they want. Those who are married reaffirm their marriage. It's going to be a very positive year. You will purchase a new house, make alliances, investments.

You will have opportunities and things abroad. You will see positive results. Pregnancy will make the mother a little nervous. You are going to have problems of the prostate. Gemini this year will see hundreds of turbulence in an emotional level.

  • Aquarius

Those who are single, not married and get pregnant are going to have certain situations with the pregnancy. Radical changes for the better. Your planet is going to give you a few touches. If you are married you will have many arguments with your partner because they will be very sensitive and it will be a year where the Aquarians will be isolated.

You have to work a little on your self-love, think of what you don't understand from the emotional point of view. Don't make decisions based on what you feel at the moment. This year brings an opportunity, a great resolution to your life. Everything that Aquarius has been working for a long time.