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After two weeks into the New Year, it’s really easy to start losing motivation and track of your fitness resolutions and goals, especially as work events, birthday celebrations, and dinner parties start to creep back into your schedule. Certified master life coach, motivational speaker, and personal trainer Laura Posada recently shared with Latin Times a few of her personal tips for staying on track with your 2016 resolutions and goals to achieve a better lifestyle.

1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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Yes, we’d all like to look like Sofía Vergara by day two of our new workout regime, but let’s face the facts, it takes time, hard work, and dedication to get truly visible results. Set attainable, realistic fitness objectives early in the year, jot them down for a visual reminder, and develop a game plan to get you there at your own pace. No one knows your physical capabilities better than you, and as long as you stay true to them, I guarantee you’ll start seeing results.

2. Avoid Temptation at All Cost!

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3. Tweet, share and re-post it

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The more people you tell about your health and fitness goals, whether that be quitting smoking, cutting out junk food, or going to the gym at least three days a week, the more you’ll be held accountable for them. After you’ve set your attainable goals, tell your loved ones so they can serve as your own personal support system and help you stay on track. Exercising with a friend and setting fitness goals together will also help motivate you to reach your 2016 goals.

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