A three-year-old boy was killed and his parents were injured when suspected drug cartel gunmen opened fire on a car in Mexico Monday.

The child's father was driving the car in the city of Ciudad Obregon when the shooting took place. Prosecutors in the border state of Sonora said that he managed to drive to a hospital, where the child was declared dead, while the gunmen fled, reported ABC News.

The state prosecutors’ office said in a statement, “It hurts us as a society when drug cartels take the lives of children."

Gang violence, including the murders of indigenous people, has been reported in Sonora for a while now. In the last few weeks, skeletal remains were discovered near a place believed to be a drug cartel encampment, and their DNA confirmed that five of the remains belonged to some of the seven men from the indigenous group, the Yaquis, who were kidnapped in July near Ciudad Obregon.

Yaqui leader Tomás Rojo Valencia was murdered in May, and the state prosecutor’s office had suggested that drug cartels or allied local gangs were behind it.

Meanwhile, Emilio Lozoya, who is considered as one of Mexico's most corrupt former officials, was clicked enjoying a meal at a luxury restaurant over the weekend while the country's president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is making anti-corruption efforts.

Lozoya, former head of the state-run oil company, was arrested in Spain and extradited back to Mexico last year after which he decided to testify against other former officials so that he does not go to prison.

The images of Lozoya, who is now a government witness in a case related to corruption, angered Obrador even though as a protected witness, Lozoya is not under any form of arrest or confined to his house, as per the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Obrador believes that it is legal, but finds it immoral that these things happen. He said, "That is why there is so much indignation at him eating at a luxury restaurant. Even though he can legally do so, he is a witness to acts of corruption that damaged Mexico a lot."

Obrador said Monday that he will head to the United Nations on Nov. 9 to deliver a speech about corruption and its dangers.

Representation image. Pixabay.