A 30-year-old man who was captured on video strangling a large dog in Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey last Nov. 27, 2022, bats that he was drunk when he did the despicable act.

He was identified as Enes Cagri K, caught on CCTV strangling an innocent stray dog at the time. Enes claims that his actions were a result of being drunk.

The video spread online and authorities eventually took action. The 30-year-old has been jailed and will serve time behind bars for a year and three months.

In the captured footage, the bloke could be seen trying to crush the dog by pressing the K9 with his hands. The dog tries to escape by Cagri ends up trying to catch it again and strangling it.

Also, the canine was in no way attacking Cagri at the time. When locals came across his actions, they reportedly threw pots in his direction.

The 30-year-old regretted his actions and claimed he was drunk. Regardless, he was still charged with attempting to deliberately kill a pet. The court also deemed his excuse as an evasive move.

Cagri was told that when a crime is committed under the influence of voluntarily taking alcohol and drugs, "this situation does not reduce or remove the criminal responsibility."

The injured stray dog was brought to the Sariyer Municipality and given treatment. There was no update on the condition of the canine as of this writing.

Police were able to identify Cagri from mobile phone footage taken at the scene by an unnamed local who was in the area when the attack happened.

Cagri was initially released after settling a fine worth about $108 as per Animal Protection Law No. 1599. The court released the man upon judicial control measures.

However, when new footage came out, he was called to appear again before the courts.

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