The man behind the stabbing spree that happened at the Encino Hospital Medical Center on Friday, June 3, has been arrested.

The suspect was identified as Ashkan Amirsoleymani who was arrested Friday night. The 35-year-old is being charged with three counts for reportedly stabbing of a doctor and two nurses at the said hospital after an hour-long standoff with authorities, the Los Angeles Times reported.

According to witnesses, the stabbing incident was described as a bloodbath. Two witnesses, Parham Saadat and Faraz Farahnik, who worked in a nearby dental office revealed how they were leaving work on Friday when they came across a bloodied man.

Initially, they thought that the man was seeking help. But when they realized that the individual was wearing scrubs, they learned he was a nurse. It was here when the victim told them that a patient had stabbed him and that the others inside the hospital were being attacked.

Both immediately called an ambulance, helped the nurse back into the hospital and secured him in a room. Saadat and Farahnik also helped attend to the injured doctor until paramedics arrived.

SWAT officers entered the hospital at around 5:25 p.m. and Amirsoleymani was taken into custody. The 35-year-old had wounds to his arms that appear to have been self inflcuted and taken to a hospital for treatment per investigators.

Amirsoleymani is facing three counts of attempted murder: allegations of causing great bodily injury and having prior violent convictions, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

It was not mentioned if Amirsoleymani had legal representation as of this writing. He is set for arraignment on June 22 according to Ricardo Santiago, a district attorney’s office spokesperson.

A look at his records showed that the 35-year-old also had previous encounters with the LAPD. Among the previous charges include officers using force against Amirsolemani. The 35-year-old man was arrested in both instances on suspicion of battery on an officer and resisting arrest.

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