The Dominican film industry is growing exponentially before the eyes of the Latin American market. Spanish speakers are not the only ones taking a closer look but also hardcore movie fans around the world are now feasting their eyes on this island that has insightful and interesting stories to tell.

Although the Dominican cinema emerged with a series of films sucumbed on the comedy genre and where there was certain weakness in the scripts of the films developed, the creation of law for filmmakers an entity that supports new ideas and talent, helped the vision change the course and the rise of a new commerce that seems to be unstoppable. 

Movies that are currently being made in Dominican Republic show crudeness, simplicity and the reality of this country. 

The exposure of great productions has been immense that actors like Vin Diesel and Geraldine Chaplin have already taken part in productions made in the country with impressive results.

Because they deserve to be watched and we love to support and promote independent cinema we have compiled these 4 Dominican movies you should, for sure, put an eye on.


The film directed by Andrés Curbelo and David Maler, with a budget of two million dollars, "Reinbou" takes place between 1965 and 1972 and tells the story of Angel Maceta, a kid who seeks for the father he never knew, who fought in the 1965 Dominican civil war. The story is based on the events of the US intervention in the country, focusing on how the past affects the present.


This film directed by José María Cabral, is about the reality that prisoners living in the three main prisons of Santo Domingo, during the month of May, 2016. The movie, shot at the actual Najayo Men Prisons, Najayo Mujeres and La Victoria.

Azul Magia

Tells the story of Moises, a boy who lives with his mother in a remote place on the island of Santo Domingo and to help her with her serious illness goes to the depths of the mountain in search of a remedy. On his journey he will find a rare blue-haired girl named Bel who will change the course of his adventure. The film is directed by Yoel Morales

El Hombre Que Cuida

Tells the story of Juan, a man who lives locked up taking care of a house in 'Palmar de Ocoa', a town in the Azua province of the Dominican Republic, after his wife deceived him. One day, an unexpected visitor will put him against the sword and the wall.