Excuses to skip work after Super Bowl
Get some excuses ideas to tell your boss if you don't feel apt to go to work after the Super Bowl. Shutterstock/ RossHelen

We know, the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a holiday. It’s the greatest night in American sports and it has to be cut short because you have to work the next day when all you want to do is celebrate your favorite team and watch an amazing game. On Sunday, millions of Americans across the country will be tuning in and watching a display of skill, talent and a lot of practice. A day that will define the career of many players that will become a part of history.

After all that partying and celebrating, you might want to take a day to relax, but unfortunately, all you’re going to have is a bad case of the Mondays. So that’s why, we’ve gathered up a few excuses that your boss might actually believe and that might get you out of work on Monday. Although we’re not encouraging you to skip work, there are some cases where you know your performance at work won’t be the same, and being there or not will be the same thing.

However, before anything, be aware of some things before you call your work saying that you won’t be there on Monday. Take into consideration your other coworkers, and how you not being there will affect them and the rest of your team. Also, think of how many sick days, vacation days or whatever days you’re going to use you have left, and how many you might need throughout the rest of the year. It’s always nice to offer to do some work from home if you can, or to work extra hours on other days, so that way your boss knows that you actually care about your job.

After you take that into consideration, and still think it’s better to stay home, you can use the following excuses with your boss. Just make sure to be realistic, and sometimes being honest, and using fancy synonyms will be your best bet.

Stomach bug. Second to Thanksgiving, Americans consume the most food on Super Bowl Sunday, so it’s always a safe bet to say you ate one too many hot wings and your stomach did not appreciate that. So as a result, you’re “releasing unwanted odors and running to the bathroom way too often.”

Cold and fever. We’re in the middle of winter and flu season. If you haven’t already been sick lately, this can be your excuse. You can say that you waited too long for the bus in the cold and didn’t have your hat with you, so that exposure to cold weather, plus the drastic temperature change when you got back to your heated home, took a toll on your heath. Or maybe it was all the people coughing and sneezing on the train. You choose. However, remember to follow your act the next day if you show up for work.

Pharyngitis. It’s just a fancy name for sore throat, although sometimes it can cause a fever. You can act all ashamed when you call your boss and say that you yelled too much during the game and as a result you can’t speak and are feeling a little feverish. Remember to put on your best “broken voice,” and if you want to create a bit more drama, you can call your boss, say your name and tell them you’ll email him/her. Try to sound raspy and scratchy. Then elaborate in the email and tell the boss you called your doctor and instructed you to be in vocal rest. If you go in the next day, you gotta keep it real, and talk as little as you can and in a very low volume. Carry a note-pad around and write everything because you should be on vocal rest. Wink wink.

Migraine. It seems simple, and some bosses might not buy it. But if you’re hungover you can use a bad migraine as an excuse. Tell your boss that you started feeling sick in the middle of the game because the people you were with were screaming too loud. Add to the excuse that you went home early before the game ended and went straight to bed only to wake up feeling worst. You can even ask him/her what they take when they get these horrible migraines that barely let you open your eyes, and then be nice and tell them that again you’re so sorry and you’re going to work extra hours in the following days.

If these excuses don’t really work and you still have to go in, make sure you read our mini guide on how to feel better after Super Bowl Sunday, and actually survive a day of work.

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