A 42-year-old man who had an illegal marriage with one of her daughters has been released from jail. Further, it was learned that he had his daughters compete by having sex with him.

The man was identified as Travis Fieldgrove, someone who was involved in a sexual relationship with his daughter, Samantha Kershner that dates back to 2018.

According to court documents, Kershner was allegedly motivated to sleep with her biological dad because she was jealous about her half-sister on who between them would have sex with Fieldgrove.

Worse, the case went a bit extreme with the then-17-year-old girl ending up illegally marrying her father.

Fieldgrove and Kershner tied the knot and even went as far as announcing it on social media. This was even though they were being investigated by authorities.

It was the former partner of Fieldgrove who alerted police about the illegal relationship that led to the 42-year-old’s two-year jail sentence.

In what was initially deemed a normal father-and-daughter relationship, such ended up being into what investigators branded a “sordid sexual affair.”

Both were charged with incest even though the two initially denied being related to one another. Court documents added that there was a 99% chance that the father and daughter were biologically related to one another.

Kershner also spent 22 days in prison as a result of the case. When he was jailed, Fieldgrove was ordered not to have any contact with the now-21-year-old woman.

Since he was released after serving time for it, Fieldgrove said that he wished that he had gone to prison a long time ago.

"I learned for the first time and it help me realize deep down under the hood man is under all that garbage so I dug and dug for days while I was locked up and it change my life and my life now is amazing,” Fieldgrove said.

"I wish I would've went to prison a long time ago. My best advice is love one another and just get along cause being locked up ain't a good life," the 42-year-old added.

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