There are individuals who are lucky to have met their partners through online dating. However, not all of the dating apps out there are safe or trustworthy. They are not created equal so whether you are looking for a casual date or long-term relationship, below are the 5 best dating apps that you should try. 


This dating app is promoting itself by stating it was “designed to be deleted.” This is for those who are looking for someone whom they can date and be in serious relationships. As posted on its site, Hinge’s main mission is to change the way singles are “busy matching that they’re not actually connecting in person.” 

Thus, this means that this dating app allows people to communicate more with other users and put themselves out there a bit more. In this way, they can find someone who they can genuinely connect with and relate to.


According to Oprah Mag, this is the second most popular online dating app next to Tinder. Based on the survey, this app appeals more to singles who are aged 45 to 65 years old. 58% of these numbers are 45 to 54-year-old individuals. 

It was stated that this app is serious about finding love and continues to reinvent the way single men and women meet, date and eventually fall in love. It provides service that makes it possible for people to find lasting relationships via online dating.

Facebook Dating

Facebook is a social media platform that already connected billions of people around the world. Now, it is also offering the Facebook Dating app for people to find their match. The best thing about this is that there is no need to download a separate app to get started because it is built-in to the main Facebook page. 

Also, since users already have their profiles, photos and other personal details on Facebook, it is easy to get to know more about the potential partner. Forbes noted that this service based its partner suggestion through mutual friends, groups, dating preferences and events attended. 

The best thing is that it is free. However, it is currently only available in the U.S. and South American countries.


As per CNET, this dating app is basically the Tinder version tailored for women. This is because it requires women to send a message first and if she didn’t get a response within 24 hours, the guy who received the message loses his chance to be a match for her. 

Apparently, Bumble is not for singles who take a long time to decide or take action when a dating opportunity comes. Since it is the women who must send a message first, it offers the advantage of getting rid of insecure men that most of the ladies hate. 

The League 

This is probably the most exclusive dating app out there. It was also labeled as an “elite dating app” because all the men and women who want to find a date here must go through a strict screening process. Everyone is required to apply in order to get access and for starters, the applicants must submit their job title and college attended thus a LinkedIn and Facebook account is a must. 

“This app is best for professional, educated singles between 25 and 40 who want to date someone in their professional and educational league,” Ray, a user of this app stated

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