Happy National Beer Day! According to a survey by LetsGrabA.Beer and Wakefield Research beer drinkers aren't only happier but more socially savvy. Shutterstock

National Beer Day is an unofficial holiday in the US, which celebrates the end of prohibition, meaning people could buy, sell and drink beer for the first time in 12 years. After President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act into law on March 22, 1933, it went into effect on April 7 and people have been celebrating ever since. Although the law did not allow selling hard liquor, it did permit manufacture and sale of beer and some wines.

In honor of this day, LetsGrabA.Beer and Wakefield Research pulled together a survey that taps into the beer drinkers’ mindset to reveal why being a beer lover not only makes you more fun but perhaps even more savvy and social! So, in case you needed good excuses to have a cold beer at happy hour today, here are a few: 1. Among the results, the survey revealed that beer drinkers are significantly more likely to have a more sophisticated sense of style (86 percent) than non-beer drinkers (63 percent).

2. Being a “Foodie” Takes the Cake – Significantly more beer drinkers (67 percent) consider themselves “foodies” compared to non-beer drinkers (38 percent). And although we’re not sure if that’s a good thing, you can use this as a conversation starter at happy hour.

3. Pour on the Posts – Beer drinkers are significantly more likely to use social media (81 percent) than non-beer drinkers (70 percent) – and they’ve posted six times per week.

4. Socially Savvy – Not only would more Americans prefer to get to know someone over a beer (33 percent) versus a cocktail (22 percent), but beer drinkers are also more likely to be extroverts – significantly friendlier and more outgoing (54 percent) than non-beer drinkers (43 percent).

5. On Tap Beats Online to Some – It’s been said that beer is the original social network, bringing people together for centuries. Nearly a third of men (30 percent) would argue that beer is more important than one of the most revolutionary technology – and social – innovations ever, the internet.

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