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Should your daily beauty routine change with the season? G-stockstudio/ Shutterstock

Have you ever wondered if your beauty routine should change with the seasons? Although certain parts of your body are not visible, especially during the colder months, it doesn’t mean they should go neglected. Take care of your skin this winter and look flawless, with these beauty tips from the expert and board certified dermatologist, Dr. Alicia Barba, who has shared with us the tricks to keep all parts of our skin looking gorgeous and fabulous even in the coldest of temperatures.

Did you know that sunscreen is not just a summer-time essential?

Sunscreen is not just a summer-time essential. Maridav/Shutterstock

There is a golden rule: Wear sunscreen every day! Know that your skin constantly absorbs ultraviolet aging rays like a sponge, which then damage your DNA, collagen and cause pigment abnormalities later in life. But here's a little tip, for a little color in the winter, wear a moisturizer with a self-tanner. You can mix a dab of foundation with sunscreen, thereby tinting it yourself, and applying your own custom made tinted moisturizer. Add a dab of highlighter to the cocktail and you are sure to get compliments on your glowing skin.

Don’t be a Face-sleeper!

face sleeper
Avoid sleeping on your face. new vave/Shutterstock

With snow days and below freezing temperatures, we conveniently find ourselves staying in or sleeping more often during this time of year. Therefore, always try to avoid sleeping on your face and learn to relax it. Face sleepers get a very distinct fixed crease that goes vertical on the forehead, down the side of the nose, down to the upper lip, all the way down to the chest which can look like a fan in the morning.

Say no to the Winter Blues!

Exercise during winter. Halfpoint/ Shutterstock

Embrace the cold and time indoors with family and friends. Take the stress out of your skin-fluctuating hormones by maintaining and controlling the body's stress levels with regular exercise. This will help regulate your skin to behave more steadily and have less hormonal acne breakouts.

Don't forget about your chest, arms, hands, and underarms.

Avoid dryness as you face the elements by moisturizing and protecting daily. An area we most often forget about is the underarms. From sweat or odor due to stress or just being active, our underarms need daily attention and protection and a key tool to caring for this sensitive area is choosing the right deodorant/antiperspirant with multitasking benefits, giving you one less thing to worry about.

The doctor reccomend Dove Dry Spray antiperspirant/deodorant goes on instantly dry, leaving no visible or sticky residue, ideal for slipping in and out of your warm winter gear

Bonus Tip:

The Conffianz Clear & Confident Kit

Conffianz, the skincare company dedicated specifically to Latinas. Conffianz

Dermatologist Dr. Francisco Flores, who has extensive experience treating Latinas and fully understands the subtle nuances of Latin skin, strongly recommends "The Conffianz Clear & Confident Kit" to diminished dark spots while ensuring skin is healthy and protected. Conffianz also launched its" Inexplicablemente Bella Scholarship" that will be available to females of Latino descent living in the U.S. who are or will pursue full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited two-or four year college or university, or vocational-technical school; to learn more click here.

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