'Eva La Trailera' Telemundo Premiere
Telemundo premieres its new primetime telenovela called "Eva La Trailera" and this is why you should watch... Telemundo

Telemundo is aligning a star-studded cast for its newest production premiering tonight, "Eva La Trailera." Edith Gonzalez, Jorge Luis Pila and Arap Bethke will swoon viewers nightly with this telenovela you won't want to miss. Edith will be playing Eva Soler a woman of imposing beauty who has worked hard to support her family as a truck driver, a trade she learned early on the road with her father, who made his living the same way. Through ambition and perseverance, she rises through the ranks to become the owner of the “Mon-sol” trucking empire. Despite her newfound wealth, Eva remains a humble person who understands that life is like an endless road that asks us to make constant decisions about the right direction to take. Need more reasons to watch? Take a look at our top reasons to not miss "Eva La Trailera."

1. Edith Gonzalez: The Mexican actress is front and center of this production and this should be your main reason to not miss out. Edith is a telenovelas diva and has starred in many classics like "Corazón Salvaje," "Salomé," "Doña Barbara" and many more. It was with the latter title that Gonzalez was last seen on Telemundo and she finally makes her much awaited comeback.

2. Jorge Luis Pila: He's always a good reason to watch any telenovela. Who doesn't remember him on "La Patrona," which was our last favorite series with the Cuban actor. His chemistry with Aracely Arámbula was marvelous. This time around we won't want to love him that much, but being present is always a bonus.

3. Arap Bethke is someone that we fondly remember from "Clase 406" and since then he has grown tremendously. His latest projects include "El 8vo Mandamiento," "Amor Cautivo," "Señora Acero," "Tanto Amor" and many more. We can already tell his chemistry with Gonzalez is going to work great. We also hope that you remember that Arap also starred with Edith on "Doña Barbara."

4. Refreshing Original: This is an original telenovela, so there's no original out there somewhere that we have to compare to. It's always refreshing seeing new content being produced as we won't have spoilers to ruin the ending of it.

5. Strong Female Lead: We love when a woman is at the center of a telenovela storyline and they stand strong and firm. Edith Gonzalez has done many characters as an independent woman and we know this role fits her just right.

6. Cast: The ensemble cast put together for "Eva La Trailera" is beyond amazing. Erika de la Rosa ("El Señor De Los Cielos 2"), Vanessa Bauche ("Amores Perros"), Javier Díaz Dueñas ("Los Miserables"), Henry Zakka ("Una Maid En Manhattan"), Roberto Mateos ("Santa Diabla"), Alfredo Huereca ("Cosita Linda"), Karen Sentíes ("En Otra Piel"), Mónica Sánchez Navarro ("Simplemente María 2015") and María Raquenel ("Rica Famosa Latina")

The cast of "Eva La Trailera" will also be joined by Sofía Lama, Antonio Gaona, Minnie West, Martha Mijares, Paloma Márquez, Ana Osorio, Jonathan Freudman, Jorge Eduardo García, Nicolle Apollonio, Michelle Vargas, Adrián Carvajal, Tony Vela and Gustavo Pedraza.

"Eva La Trailera" will air at 9pm/8c on Telemundo. Watch our very own Jessica Roiz interview the cast of the telenovela in this exclusive video:

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