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For those relocating to a different country or just going there for just a couple of weeks of vacation, learning a bit about the native language of the place might become a necessity. Thankfully, there are tons of language learning apps out there and these are the 7 best apps currently available.

1. Duolingo

The Duolingo is probably the best free language-learning app around, according to PC Mag. There are around 30 languages covered by the app including Chinese, German, French, Russian and Spanish, to name a few.

Users love how it divides the lessons into bite-sized pieces, which makes learning much easier. For competitive users, the app makes learning more fun because there’s a leaderboard where users can compare their progress against others.

2. Rosetta Stone

For those who have deeper pockets and have some extra cash to spare, the Rosetta Stone is one of the best-paid language learning app money can buy. The app incorporates writing, reading, speaking, and listening equally so users won’t lag behind one area. There even an option for e-tutoring sessions done via video call.

3. Yabla

For those who already learned a language before and only want to brush up on it, then Yabla is probably the right app for the job. It’s like a streaming service that lets users find a video on the language they’re trying to polish.

There are even videos of native speaker using the language. This makes it easier for learners to speak the language the way it is spoken as a native down to the right pacing of words and accent.

4. Pimsleur and Michel Thomas

These are actually two different apps but they are both classified as audio-focused language learning programs. These apps might be suitable for people who audiobooks and podcasts.

5. Transparent Language Online

Most apps only teach lessons for a couple of dozens of the most widely used languages. But for those who want to learn one of the more obscure languages not covered by other apps, then Transparent Language Online is the go-to app.

6. Babbel

One thing that sets the Babbel app apart is that it lets its users participate in mock conversations to better hone their spellings. This is a paid membership app and one can pay monthly or for longer commitment periods.

7. Quizlet

For those who want the added challenge in the form of a quiz, then the Quizlet app might be the right language learning program to get. It makes learning fun as users will be learning while answering various quizzes and tests.

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