A.B. Quintanilla appeared in court Wednesday after he made the Most Wanted List and failing to show up two weeks ago. The Kumbia All-Starz member had a court order for falling behind child support payments. During the hearing, Quintanilla agreed to pay more than $130,000, that included $87,000 in retroactive payments to the mother of of his child, Summer Clay.

Judge Missy Medary ordered to take A.B. into custody and take him to prison where he would think about his responsibility as a father and the rights of his child, according to KRIS. "I am going to have you sit in the jail, and I want you to think about two things," said Medary. "I want you to think about your responsibility as a father, and I want you to think of the rights of your child." No new date has been set to get the final verdict.

The 53-year-old musician was in Florida when news broke that he was wanted by law enforcement. "All I have to say is that I am healthy," he told TVyNovelas. "I am fine and I will have my time in court in front of a judge and everything will be cleared with the truth. I am calm, I have friends around the U.S., México, Central America... I have a lot of friends and we already knew about this before it happened, we knew that a hurricane was coming."

"I have seven children with different women and two marriages," he said. "Why is it that only one of them is doing this? I can't talk too much about it because I have to wait for when I go to court. They did this to me when I opened a high-end nightclub and when I closed it the media found out because I am a known person. I don't deserve what's happening to me."

Abraham Quintanilla III is currently living out of Texas as if he were still in the state, they would arrest him. He explains that he doesn't know why he made the Top 1o Most Wanted list, but promises that when he goes to court, everything will be settled. "Putting me in the 'top 10' is completely unfair," he added. "There's people that have killed other people... I don't deserve that. My thing is about family court and I am in the middle of other people that have done bad things. That took me by surprise. We are going to look for all the cockroaches that are over there and I am going to smash them."

Making the list affected Quintanilla economically as he has had to cancel tour dates, but feels like a victim and has hope that he will come out of this situation. "This is not a federal case, it's about family, I am calm," he said. "People are thinking I am a criminal and it makes me laugh, but when everything gets cleared up they will be shocked ... I am a victim of a misunderstanding. It's not easy... I can't say more. It's a misunderstanding between all the people involved."

A.B. Quintanilla III, is an American record producer, songwriter, and musician of Mexican descent. He is the older brother of "The Queen of Tejano music" Selena. Along with Selena, his other sister Suzette Quintanilla, his brother Ricardo, and his father Abraham, and Selena's husband (later widower) Chris Pérez, he became a member of Los Dinos in 1980. A.B. produced and wrote songs for Selena which became successful singles such as "Como La Flor," "Amor Prohibido" and "No Me Queda Más."