Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a controversial new policy on Thursday that allows military veterans without degrees to teach, as he continues his efforts to strip down the requirements to be an educator in Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

A far-right activist Laura Loomer called Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a "tyrant" after an event.

She gave him the label after she and other Trump supporters were barred from a book signing that was staged by DeSantis, reported The Guardian.

Loomer, who is a failed congressional candidate and conspiracy theorist, tweeted a video in which a uniformed officer said that he was told to say "anybody wearing Trump has to go right now."

The officer shared that DeSantis' team was telling him to "come out to tell you guys not to be here while he's here."

Loomer said that DeSantis always talks about how "he's in favor of free speech." Then she asked, "do we have a first amendment right to be here, to rally in support of President Trump?"

The officer replied by saying that right she did do, but "not now."

Later, she told the Daily Beast that cops showed up and they told them that they were going to be "cited and arrested for trespassing" if they didn't leave. According to her, DeSantis didn't want them inside. The experience showed that DeSantis is "a tyrant," she shared.

The Florida Governor is yet to declare a run for the White House in 2024, but if we look at polling, he remains the only close challenger to Trump.

DeSantis' book, "The Courage to Be Free," was published on Tuesday and the book signing also happened on the same day at a branch of Books A Million in Leesburg.

Loomer and others attended the book signing in Trump regalia and held up Trump signs.

From the venue, Loomer said that DeSantis "and his staff ordered the police to make 'anyone wearing a Trump shirt' or anyone with any 'Trump gear' to leave!"

Loomer also said that DeSantis is anti-free speech and that it's one of the reasons why she doesn't "support him."

She added that if he's a Republican nominee, she "won't vote."

The Trump supporters eventually left the venue without incident after cops showed up.

The pro-Trump activists never officially trespassed, Leesburg Police Department Captain Joseph Iozzi said on Wednesday.

He shared that when the cops got there, the pro-Trump activists were "compliant and ultimately moved to the public area surrounding the mall."

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