Raúl (Mauricio Ochmann of “El Chema” fame), Eduardo (Humberto Busto) and Santiago (Alfonso Dosal) have led a happy and "straight" life since their childhood, until, one day, Santiago, who is about to marry his girlfriend (Aislinn Derbez) of three years, confesses that he is gay.

Raul, the homophobic alpha male, will try to convince his friend that his is nothing more than a simple sexual confusion, so that when the situation becomes unsustainable, Raúl will put aside his prejudices and accept his friend.

In an exclusive interview with Latin Times, Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann spoke about how they prepared for their role in "Do It Like An Hombre." The actors also spoke about their characters, and the LGBTQ community.

The Movie will be released on September 1 throughout the United States, after the film grossed $3.8 million in its opening weekend in Mexico. It doubled Baby Driver and is the 3rd biggest opening weekend release in Mexican cinema history. It also is the biggest Thursday opening in Mexican Cinematic History.

"The overall experience of this movie has been incredible," Ochmann told Latin Times. "It's a movie that covers issues that affect all Latinos. Machismo and these retrograde thoughts that are very primitive. And this homophobic part that exists in society. Although we are in 2017, we continue to have these problems of discrimination for sexual preference, or a racial, ideological, political and religious difference, which seems absurd," adds the actor, who had his first professional role in the United States in the movie "Message in a Bottle."

Ochmann says that the film is an invitation to accept the different and diversity in a more fun way, avoiding impositions.

For her part, Aislinn says that her experience was enchanting since she had wanted to do comedy for so long. "I wanted to be something of an absolute comedy, getting out of the romantic comedy that I had done before," says Derbez. "People love comedy, and with this project I had the opportunity to also create awareness of something."

As for the characters they play, the actors commented on whether they have any resemblance to them in real life. "I am completely removed from what Raul is and what he represents," says Mauricio. "That’s why for me it was a challenge, since I had to interpret all these things that are in his character."

According to the actor, Nicolás López, who was the director of the film and is of Chilean origin, imposed the challenge of being a macho, and a hateful character who, as the time is passing in the movie, the audience has the chance to realize that he is not a bad man or cold hearted, but simply a person full of fears, shells and that has many defense mechanisms to keep everything that scares him away.

However, when Raul opens his heart in the film, Ochmann assures that he feels more like him. "I am a person who goes ahead despite the fears, the obstacles, the insecurities," says the Mexican actor.

Aislinn, who plays the role of the hysterical bride-to-be, claims that it was a difficult role because it is far from what she represents and she is. "The role is very far from my behavior in general," says the daughter of actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez. "Here I was out of my comfort zone, reaching the extremes that I had never reached as an actress," she reveals.

Both actors say that in no way they would try to change the sexual preference of any person. "I have gay friends that I love and respect endearingly," says Mauricio. 

The couple also said to Latin Times that they fully agree that children, regardless of gender, play with the toys they prefer, as it is a form of exploration and that does not mean that the individual's sexual preference will change.