On April 4th, 2017, the world will learn all about A.J. Mendez Brooks. Many know her better by her WWE Alias, A.J. Lee. The woman, a former professional wrestler who won the women's Diva Championship three times and married former WWE star CM Punk following her retirement from the ring, is penning her autobiography. 

This is exciting news for her fans as she has rarely spoken about her past. Her new book is titled "Crazy Is My Superpower." As a shy Puerto Rican-American girl A.J. was exposed to many personal issues in her family such as drug addiction, mental illnesses, and financial problems. She claims to be the last person she thought would see her journey written on the printed page. As she pointed out on her website, "I must be crazy. Why else would I write a soul baring, life-exposing memoir after years of being painfully private?," A.J. reflected.

Through the world of comic books and video games, she was inspired by the strong women portrayed and was determined to become her own brand of superhero. She pursued another love, professional wrestling and in the process learned to break out of her shell and grow into the strong, confident performer she became.