Alfredo Landa
Alfredo Landa started acting at age 29. RTVE

Alfredo Landa, a well known face in Spanish TV and movies, has passed away in his home in Madrid. He was 80 years old.

The actor, who made a name for himself in the 1960s, died on Thursday of unconfirmed causes. His health had been weak since he had a stroke in January 2009.

Landa became a regular in comedies during the Franco years, and forged a very Spanish-flavored movie style which ultimately became known after his name -- "landismo." Throught his 50-year career he played main roles in around 100 movies, and earned two "Goyas" (Spanish Movie Academy awards) and a Cannes palm.

He professed an eternal love for the motion arts and acting, which lasted until the very last years of his life.

"Sometimes I think what I'd be if I hadn't been an actor," he said. "And the only answer that comes to mind is that I would have been a dumbass."

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