Donald Trump’s comments about Latinos in the U.S. during his presidential candidacy speech have created a lot of controversy in the past couple of months. Whether Trump is using his “bluntness” as a political strategy, or because that is just the way he is and thinks, many Latinos, including celebrities, have expressed their disappointment and disgust towards the real estate tycoon’s statements.

On Tuesday, Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos showed up at Trump’s press conference in Dubuque, Iowa, where he was not welcomed by the presidential hopeful: “Sit down, you weren’t called. Go back to Univision,” he said as the reporter tried to ask a question. When he didn't back down after the humiliating comments, Trump asked one of his security guys to escort him out of the room. 

This incident was the tip of the iceberg for many Latinos, celebrity and non-celebrity, who have been turning to all expression forums to encourage the Latino community to stick together during this ordeal. Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado joined the movement by posting the following statement on her Instagram account:

“I am impressed with the media monster he has become o maybe he has always been? #RataNazi time always shows us the truth, I have to confess that for many years I felt fear to talk about the hell he put me through when I was his employee during Miss Universe 96! He would whispered insults in my ear so no one would know and knew no one would believe a rebellious Latina pretty girl and a Miss, I feel fear because the thirst for power is infinite, I believe we should unite as Latinos and American citizens so that this man can’t run for any candidacy, he would be a world threat if he reaches any kind of higher power. By just being a candidate, his position is already generating terrible things for a society that without a doubt continues to have racial and discriminatory weaknesses. He is getting the type of publicity that honestly, judging by the world we are living in, I’m not sure is helping. I am scared for my daughter (my Mexican American) I wouldn’t know how to protect her from any more labels that are already our daily bread! This world is getting more and more contaminated by differences, racism, inequality. Tolerance makes us beautiful, it fills us with God and respect. There’s a limit for me when it comes to freedom of speech and #RataNazi needs to be stopped because he is contaminating a country that is already lacking on love and humanity!”