Alvarez Guedes Dies: Popular Cuban Comedian Dead At 86; How Did He Die?

Alvarez Guedes
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Alvarez Guedes, a popular Cuban-American comedian, died Tuesday in his Kendall home. Guedes was especially popular among Cuban exiles living in Miami. The 86-year-old was complaining of stomach pains earlier in the month that were later diagnosed as more serious. Reports do not go into detail about the exact nature of Guedes' illness.

A family friend, Delio Regueral, told Guedes "was a genius in acting and comedy. Even though he was a comedian, he was a very serious man."

Regueral said he loved helping people. Regueral said if it was in Alvarez's power to help someone in need he would do whatever he could to help. There have been no details regarding when a wake or funeral will be held.

Guedes has been entertaining people since the age of five. His career began in his home town, Union de Reyes, Matanzas. Starting out on the radio Guedes ventured to TV, movies, musicals and cabaret shows. In a 2010 interview with El Nuevo Herald, Guedes said the most important thing about comedy is having material good enough to improve the health of your audience.

"I always try to make all those who speak Spanish laugh," Guedes said to El Nuevo Herald. "Some laugh more than others, but for me the most important [thing] is that people have material enough to improve their health." wrote a eulogy for Alvarez Guedes thanking him for the years of laughter his fans enjoyed. The blog also thanked Guedes for his ability to make the Cuban exiles laugh during a time in their life when all they wanted was to cry.

"Many of us grew up listening to Guedes' hilarious and sometimes raunchy jokes as our parents and grandparents played his comedy LPs and 8-Tracks in our homes, get-togethers, and parties. Besides being an incredibly talented and funny comedian, Guedes understood the Cuban mind and knew how to make us roar with laughter. Above that, he also understood our pain of loss and exile and helped us cope with it by making us laugh when most of us wanted to cry."


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