Cordelia Fox, the daughter of Fiona was blinded with acid. But we have yet to discover who threw the acid in her eyes, find out who we think is responsible!
Cordelia Fox, the daughter of Fiona was blinded with acid. But we have yet to discover who threw the acid in her eyes, find out who we think is responsible! FX

Now that Cordelia is back home at Miss Robichaux's and relatively safe, aside from the occasional Axeman popping up, it's time to figure out who blinded the sweet head master! Cordelia was brutally attacked with sulfuric acid, the acid was blown into her eyes, causing severe physical damage to her face, eyes, and optics, leaving her blind. Despite losing her vision, Cordelia gained, what Fiona describes as the "Sight." This newly acquired power gives Cordelia the ability of retrocognition, meaning the she can see one's memories through touching them, as shown when her husband, Hank, touches her, and she sees his acts of infidelity with the "mystery redhead." "I had to go blind to see things about you that I couldn't see before. A bad cosmic joke. It's a different kind of clarity, an absolute clarity I never had," she tells Hank.

Fiona describes the "Sight" as one of the most powerful gifts for a witch to have, as well as the worst to live with. And while Cordelia's blindness initially gave fans hope that the mother/daughter pair may mend the broken relationship between, it seems to only be causing a greater rift. Cordelia relents in "The Axeman Cometh" and allows her mother to help her undress, although once Fiona touches her daughter, she gets another vision, this time of Myrtle being burned at the stake. She is angered and hurt by the loss of her "Auntie Myrtle" at the hands of her mother, with little left to say, Fiona leaves her daughter to grieve alone.

When the attack occurred in "Burn, Witch. Burn!" I was fooled like the rest of the Council and assumed that Myrtle had in fact blinded Cordelia, in an attempt to dethrone Fiona as the Supreme witch. After Myrtle was burned at the stake for her crimes of harming another witch, fans learned that Fiona had used Queenie in a plot to frame the pestering red-head. Queenie, who is gifted with ability of injury transference, burns her hand in acid sealing Myrtle's fate. The Council sees this burn on Myrtle's hand and sentences her to death, completing Fiona's plan at revenge. After this flashback, my suspicions quickly shifted to Marie Laveau or one of the voodoo witches loyal to her, but in the most recent episode the voodoo Queen of New Orleans denies involvement to Hank, claiming that she wouldn't have to leave her house to inflict that type of pain. And after watching her build a zombie army from the ground, we are not doubting any of her abilities.

So who blinded Cordelia? I doubt "American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy would introduce a new character as the culprit, because that ruins the mystery and the intrigue. So considering this, and past season of the FX mini-series, the acid throwing deviant is someone we know. My guess is Misty Day. While I originally discounted Misty as the villain who targeted Cordelia, because of her flower child ways, she certainly has some bite to back up her bark. When fans originally met Misty in Season 3, she uses her gift of resurgence to kill two poachers with their own kills. She is not all flowers and sunshine, Misty can be ruthless when she wants to be, and doesn't even bat an eye when people lose theirs. Misty is in tune with nature, preferring to live in the backwoods Pentecostal community in the bayous of Louisiana, she takes great offense to those who disrespect it and will punish them severely.

But why would she target Cordelia? Perhaps, Misty learned about her attempt to manipulate the life cycle, and conceive a child using dark magic? And while this is possible, it is more likely Misty did not perform this act on her own, she was convinced by someone to take part in this cruel attack. Misty and Myrtle are working together, Myrtle was so focused on bringing Fiona down, she knew exactly where to strike, Cordelia. Although, she couldn't go through with the act of hurting Cordelia, who she genuinely cares for, thus she reached out to Misty, who is "looking for her tribe." My theory is that Myrtle promised Misty sanctuary, due to her intense fear of abandonment, in exchange for her help in this plot. In addition, after Myrtle was burned at the stake, Misty just happened to be meandering around the burn site and decided to bring her back to life.

This all seems too coincidental, Misty may have thrown the acid at Cordelia, but Myrtle was the brains behind the blinding operation. Furthermore, Misty is still caring for Myrtle, in the most recent episode "The Axeman Cometh," Misty is shown to be watering a pile of dirt, while flowers may be what most people plant, Misty is no ordinary gardener. While tending to her garden, a burned hand and arms sneaks out of the shallow grave, Misty tenderly tucks the arm back in, saying "not yet."

If Myrtle is brought back to life by Misty what do you think she will do next? Will there be a war within the witches? Comment below and let us know what you think is in store for the Coven!


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