'American Horror Story: Coven' Season 3 Episode 3 Spoilers: Who Will Be Next Supreme Witch? Will Fiona Lose Her Power In 'The Replacements'?

Fiona may be the Coven's current Supreme witch but someone may take over her powers and role. FX

"American Horror Story" fans are in for quite a treat with Season 3 because even though "Coven" is only 2 episodes in, the plot is completely transfixing. Even more interesting than the "Coven" itself, is it's Supreme witch Fiona Goode. If you haven't been paying attention during "Bitchcraft" and "Boy Parts," first shame on you and second lets give you a history lesson. For the long line of "Coven" witches, there is a Supreme witch in each generation. The Supreme, who is currently Fiona is the strongest witch and encompasses multiple powers. Even though Season 3 of "American Horror Story" recently premiered, fans have witnessed several of Fiona's potent powers, including, telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, pyrokinesis, and the ability to consume the life force of others, all of these capabilities are additional to her inherent witch abilities of casting spells through special rituals.

And while we love Fiona and her witchy ways, it seems Fiona may love her Supreme title more than anyone. A new Supreme witch comes once a generation, meaning a young witch is currently harboring powerful abilities, so who is it? The latest generation of witches is Zoe, Madison, Nan, Queenie and Misty Day, so with one of these naïve teens being the new Supreme, Fiona is on the hunt. The wicked witch of the "Coven," isn't ready to pass the crown, so the new Supreme, whoever she is, is in grave danger. "Who is going to take Fiona's throne?" "American Horror Story" co-creator Ryan Murphy admitted to TV Line. "We really don't find out until Episode 12 who that is." Now that we know that Fiona will mostly be searching for the Supreme during Season 3, what will happens when she uncovers her? Well fans will witness her ruthless ways in Episode 3, "Fiona thinks she's found out who the Supreme is, and that person gets killed. She's not giving up that throne, no way," Murphy stated.

An episode 3 death is serious, the "Coven" seems pretty tight knit so how exactly will the witches react after Fiona kills one of her own. So who is Fiona killing in "The Replacements", we have a theory! Madison. Fiona will experience a flashback in episode 3 that shows the audience just how Fiona received the Supreme title in 1971 "by means most foul", and in "The Replacements" Fiona will "recognize something of her own history in Madison." Fiona and Madison certainly have similar styles of witchcraft, and the young troubled actress seems to be the most powerful of the new witches. So we are thinking that Fiona will go after Madison in episode 3, but with the Coven's power to resurrect and give life, we are not sure that she will stay dead for long.



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