Amnesty International is urging the Chilean government to present an 11-year-old rape victim with all of her options, including an abortion. This comes days after the President of Chile Sebastian Pinera praised the fifth grader for making what he believed to be the mature decision of keeping her baby.

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Abortions are illegal in Chile no matter the circumstances. There are countries in Latin America that allow abortions only if the mother's life is in danger. Chile is one of several countries that does not allow abortion for any reason.

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Despite the fact that the Chilean government is supporting the choice of an 11-year-old to have and raiser her baby, there are experts who have said the emotional and physical makeup of the child does not support the ability make a decision of this magnitude. The victim herself supported the experts' assertion when she told a Chilean news program having a baby would be equal to having a doll.   

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Previously the 11-year-old rape victim was not identified but Amnesty International says she is known only by the name Belen. For two years Belen was repeatedly raped by her stepfather. Belen's mother shocked her community and the court when she said her daughter's relationship with the 32-year-old man was consensual.

Belen's stepfather is now in jail. He confessed to the long term sexual abuse of his stepdaughter.

Amnesty International is saying that by denying this girl an abortion (or any other woman) violates international human rights laws.

Amnesty International is saying they believe the Chilean government should pay for and provide Belen with all of the psychological and medical support she will need. The website said,

"The Chilean State must provide an 11 year old girl who was raped by her stepfather and is now pregnant, with all the psychological and medical support she needs, and make available all the options regarding the pregnancy including safe abortion services."

Guadalupe Marengo, Americas Director at Amnesty International said on their website,

"The Chilean state is responsible to provide her with every support necessary as she contends with the horrendous physical and psychological consequences of being raped and pregnant as a result. Her life, health, hopes and dreams are all in the hands of the authorities."

According to the Amnesty International website experts agree that children as young as Belen are at a higher risk of long term health and mental problems as a result of the psychical trauma of carrying a fetus to term.