Angelica Rivera
Mexico's First Lady announced she was selling the controversial multimillion-dollar home causing a media frenzy. Twitter @lula_walk

Enrique Peña Nieto’s wife, former actress Angelica Rivera, decided to make a public clarification on how she was in the process of acquiring a multimillion-dollar home for her family, located in the most prestigious neighborhood of Mexico City: Lomas de Chapultepec. The First Lady explained that thanks to her work in multiple telenovelas for the network Televisa, they had celebrated numerous contracts, which had resulted in a large fortune. This same fortune has allowed her to become "an independent woman and build an honest patrimony for her family."

However, despite the integrity with which the mansion is being acquired, Rivera has decided to sell the contract in order to stop giving the people of Mexico “an excuse to offend and defame her family.”

The announcement caused an absolute media frenzy in which celebrities, journalists and even Televisa employees, participated in an arduous demonstration of outrage and indignation.

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