Angie Martinez also known as "The Voice of New York," wants to encourage Latinos to get a involved on a better lifestyle and have a healthy makeover of their cuisine. The radio personality has blog that turned into a book, where she shares tips and recipes with Latin flavor. "I love Latin food. I always have. But my family has always made it a certain way: fried, or double-fried, or three carbs on the same plate," said the former rapper, "As I got older, I had to be more careful about what I eat and what I put in my body, and I became more conscious of weight and health."

The radio personality previously share with Yahoo, how she was involved in healthier cooking, "I think I probably read every diet book and every lifestyle-change book about healthy eating. And my mother was also careful about what she ate, so I’ve always tried to be health-conscious. Do I always do it? Not necessarily. But I try!"

Martinez also said she's determined to make the Hispanic community conscious regarding health diseases and their traditional diets, "there are a lot more second- and third-generation Latinos in this country who grownup in this culture and are aware of these health issues, but who want to keep traditions alive. But I really hope it will be for anyone who likes to eat Latin food. I have plenty of friends who are not Latin but who eat Latin food and want to cook it. So why not make it a little healthier?"

Watch the video below where Angie explains how she teams up with Chef Angelo Sosa for her first cookbook, "Healthy Latin Eating."