Although we're celebrating Valentine's Day soon, not all of us are in the mood for toasting love. Instead, some of us would rather ignore the day and go on with our lives without making too much fuzz about it. However, we know it's going to come and haunt us, as every February 14 does, so for those who have recently gone through a heartbreak, or who are trying to fight hard for their loved ones, we have compiled 18 music videos of Latin and American singers that will help you cope with Cupid's holiday.

Enjoy this selection where love is present but in a slightly different way with selections from Katy Perry, Jenni Rivera, Christina Aguilera, Chino y Nacho, among others, that will show you another type of Valentine’s Day experience:

1- Yuridia, "Te Equivocaste"

In this song, Yuridia proves her ex wrong after the guy played around with her and now he's back asking for forgiveness. 

2- Shakira, "No"

"No," is a special one when you're really hurt and that person treats you like nothing happens. Shame on you!

3- Ricky Martin, "Adiós"

Is there a better way to say Au revoir? Ciao, don't come back!

4- Thalia, "No me enseñaste"

Ex-lovers never teach us anything about how to forget them.

5- Gloria Trevi, "No Querias Lastimarme"

This powerful song is for the bad ones!

6- Christina Aguilera, "You Lost Me"

When they leave and they actually lose more than you. 

7- La Quinta Estación feat. Marc Anthony, "Recuérdame"

Please, remember me and the moments we lived together...

8- Norma Jean Martine, "Still In Love With You"

As much as you try, there are some cases where it's impossible to forget.

9- Ricardo Arjona feat. Gaby Moreno, "Fuiste Tu"

Sometimes "You are" turns out to be "You were..."

10- Katy Perry, "The One That Got Away"

Don't be sad about who left, be happy for the one that's coming to your life. 

11- SanLuis Feat. Chino y Nacho, "Se acabó"

These guys assure you that when it's over, there's no turning back!

12- Jenni Rivera, "Si Lo Ves"

Please, tell him this, if you see him.

13- Gwen Stefani, "Cool"

One of the most emotional videos Gwen Stefani has put out. It's feels weird when you see your ex with his new love for the first time. 

14- Jennifer Lopez, "Ain't Your Mama"

Love has nothing to do with becoming someone's mother, or worse yet their maid. JLo tells it perfectly in this song!

14- Fifth Harmony, "Miss Movin' On"

One of 5H's biggest hits is an empowering song about moving on from a malfunctioning relationship. 

15- Yuridia, "Cobarde"

Holy Chalupas! Blame it on the coward!

16- Miley Cyrus, "Giving You Up"

This emotional song will make you cry. 

17- Maluma, "Borro Cassette"

Last night was magical, but now you don't remember me? Come on!

18- Shawn Mendes, "Treat You Better"

When you know the guy she's with has nothing on you but she doesn't see it.