Anya Taylor-Joy and husband Malcolm McRae at the Golden Globes
Courtesy NBC

MIAMI - Argentine-American actress Anya Taylor-Joy surprised her fans by sharing images of her secret (maybe vampire-themed?) wedding to musician Malcolm McRae. This exclusive glimpse into their intimate day comes two years after the event.

The wedding, a clandestine affair held on April 1, 2022, in New Orleans, was the epitome of the couple's unorthodox and vibrant personalities. Taylor-Joy took to Instagram to share the joyous occasion filled with romance, expressing how the day's magic is etched into her being.

Her post revealed one of the most intriguing aspects of their celebration: the wedding cakes, which were strikingly designed to resemble anatomically accurate hearts, perfectly aligning with the wedding's theme. This whimsical yet gothic choice illustrates Taylor-Joy's distinctive style and her fondness for the unconventional.

Anya Taylor-Joy's unusual bridal look

The actress's choice of a wedding dress further exemplified the unique theme. She donned a breathtaking champagne-hued gown from Dior, meticulously embroidered with a hummingbird motif. According to Taylor-Joy, this exceptional dress was embroidered with elements that narrate their love story, adding a profoundly personal touch to her bridal attire.

Another image showed Taylor-Joy on a couch next to McRae, Cara Delevingne and another wedding guest, the four playfully enshrouded in her veil. A short video clip also captured the bride showing off her dress in the candlelit church.

However, the most eccentric of the images was the video of the actress, who will next appear in "Furiosa" with Chris Hemsworth, eating the individual wedding cakes in the shape and colors of the human heart.

The cakes and the fact that the wedding was in New Orleans, where the movie and the series "Interview With the Vampire" take place, have fans wondering if it was a vampire inspired wedding. The video below validates the question for sure.

A very private love

The love story between Taylor-Joy and McRae, which began in early 2021, has been a testament to their desire for privacy and an unconventional approach to life. Despite living predominantly in separate countries, with Taylor-Joy based in London and McRae in the U.S., their love story flourished.

The couple has always kept a low profile regarding their personal lives, sharing scarce details about their relationship, to the point that nobody was really sure if they were really married until now.

Their journey to matrimony, intriguingly shrouded in mystery, reflects their personalities—a blend of privacy, creativity, and an appreciation for the non-traditional. This revelation not only adds a new layer to Taylor-Joy's public persona but also offers a rare insight into her personal life, something her fans have been eager to learn more about.

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