The apartment building collapsed during heavy rains that struck the region while many residents were still asleep. (Representation image) Soumen Hazra / EyeEm/Gettyimages

According to civil defense officials, a tragic incident in northeastern Brazil resulted in the death of 14 individuals due to a residential building collapse.

The last remaining missing individuals have been discovered lifeless.

The collapse occurred on Friday in the Janga neighborhood, situated on the outskirts of Recife, the capital city of the state of Pernambuco in northeastern Brazil.

The apartment building crumbled during a period of intense rainfall that affected the region, catching many residents unaware as they were still asleep at the time.

As per the civil defense's statement, three individuals miraculously survived the building collapse, while the cause of the incident remains unknown.

Earlier on Friday, authorities had confirmed eight fatalities resulting from the collapse.

Governor Raquel Lyra of Pernambuco expressed her condolences through a Twitter statement, assuring the affected families that the state government is fully committed to providing assistance and support in this difficult time.

Recife, a coastal city housing approximately 1.5 million residents, has been grappling with heavy rainfall over the past few days, exacerbating the challenges faced by the community.

The incident took place in the Paulista suburb of Recife, where certain residents have referred to this particular type of four-story building as a "coffin block," citing concerns over substandard construction practices.

According to officials, the building collapsed at approximately 06:35 local time on Friday (09:35 GMT), a time when numerous residents would likely have been asleep inside the structure.

Globo news has reported that among the victims of the building collapse were a 43-year-old mother and her 19-year-old son, further highlighting the tragic loss of lives, BBC reported.

In response to the incident, the local governor emphasized on Friday that additional rainfall was anticipated in the area and urged residents to ensure they have access to secure structures, emphasizing the importance of seeking safety during adverse weather conditions.

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