Black Friday is the best time to get some awesome deals on your favorite Apple gadgets. The Cupertino based company is known to offer their products at a premium and it is only this time of year when consumers can get the best deals. Black Friday is a major shopping day in the U.S. and with more than two weeks away, holiday discount shoppers are already on the prowl for the best deals this season. Target, Best Buy And Walmart are the top consumer electronic providers and will be offering discounts on a variety of popular Apple products include the new iPad Air and iPad mini as well as the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Target has some of the best deals this Black Friday, giving out gift cards with Apple product purchases. If you are in store to get the latest full fledge iPad Air, you will receive a $100 gift card to apply to an additional purchase. An iPad mini will yield a $75 gift card, while the iPod Touch gives consumers a $50 gift card. The Apple TV is marked down $10 and you will receive $60 worth in iTunes purchases if you buy the gift card for $50. Best Buy also has some deals with the iPad Air being discounted between $50 - $70 depending on the capacity of the device, while the iPad 2 16GB model's price has $100 stripped off from the price. An iPhone 5C will cost $48 less while the iPod Touch 32GB model will be $50 less. The iMac 21.5-inch model and the MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display have been marked off $200, while the Apple TV and $100 iTunes Gift Cards have $15 shaved off from their normal price. Walmart is going the gift card route offering a $75 store credit with the purchase of an iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The iPad Mini 16GB that costs $299 will have the discount store offer consumers a $100 gift card with purchase.

The Walmart deal for the latest iPhone devices is one of the strongest and the retailer could end up paying you to buy it from them. A trade-in program has been been set forth at Walmart that offers consumers up to $300 in-store credit toward the purchase of a new smartphone. Let's say you are offered the maximum trade-in price  of $300 and purchase a new iPhone 5S which is retailing at $189 for Black Friday. You will still have $111 left over in-store credit, plus the additional Walmart Gift Card for $75 deal when you purchase an iPhone. The giant retailer will be giving you $186 for additional purchases in the store. The catch is that the offer is not valid in all of the stores and the offer only stands until stock runs out. Those doorbusters should be ready to make a run (or not, remember to take extra precaution) when doors open at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day. Will you be taking any of these deals? Share your thoughts below!