Although she may be one of the popular actresses in the world today, Amber Heard is allegedly broke. She is having trouble paying the defamation suit to her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, worth $10.4 million because she is allegedly broke.

Heard’s Attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, revealed this on NBC’s “Today” when she was asked if the actress had the means to cover the $10.4 million that a jury handed down on Wednesday.

When the verdict was passed, Heard found herself in a bind with the 36-year-old hurting for cash. She was already having financial difficulty in the course of the trial.

Sources claim that Heard had switched legal representation and relied on her homeowner’s insurance policy to cover the cost of her current attorneys in the case.

The bill for Heard’s attorney has mostly been footed by The Travelers Companies under terms of the actress’s insurance policy, sources add.

“It’s a little oddity that most people don’t know. In most homeowner insurance policies, there is coverage if you are sued for defamation based on how much you pay through coverage,” Heather Heidelbaugh, a Pennsylvania trial attorney, said to the Post.

Although insurance companies can be used and then hires an attorney to represent their clients, there is a clause that stipulates that judgment costs won’t be covered.

“The insurance company will keep in its back pocket the option of denying coverage at the end of the day — denying coverage means refusing to pay the plaintiff, in this case Mr. Depp,” Virginia lawyer Jeremiah Denton stated.

Heard’s net worth has been estimated at between $1.5 million and $2.5 million according to the Celebrity Net Worth site as well as other outlets.

She earned $1 million for her role in “Aquaman” and is due to make $2 million in the sequel set to come out next year. Her role in “Aquaman 2” was significantly reduced.

Actor Amber Heard
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