Haters may speculate all they want that Prince Harry does not love Meghan Markle as much now, but the Duke of Sussex’s gestures tell otherwise. Photos of Prince Harry and Meghan in South Africa suggest that the Duke of Sussex is still as besotted with Meghan as he was on the day he married her.

Prince Harry and Meghan are currently in South Africa for the first leg of their South African tour. This tour marks the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first royal tour together outside Britain since Meghan gave birth in May.

In recent months, there have been reports of marital issues besetting the royal couple. Their decision to live a private life away from other members of the royal family has sparked controversy, and their refusal to address the issues thrown against them has only inspired their haters to keep buzzing about them.

Despite rumors of marital woes between Prince Harry and Meghan, a body language expert recently claimed that their body language shows that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are more blissful than ever. According to Judi James, the way Prince Harry treats Meghan during their royal tour clearly shows that he’s still in his honeymoon phase, which means that his adoration for his wife is still at its peak.

James noted that on one occasion, Prince Harry lovingly smoothed down Meghan’s ponytail and pulled her close while meeting with some school children. “It’s pretty safe to evaluate, from their loving and affectionate body language, that the couple are still effectively on their honeymoon,” she said. “If anything, their touches, and romantic, caring rituals, have become stronger — rather than showing any signs of cooling off,” she added.

According to James, Prince Harry’s thoughtful ponytail smoothing while Meghan was talking with the hosts of the event was one of his strongest gestures of love. It was Prince Harry’s way of communicating his affectionate attention to Meghan even though her attention was not on him.

James also pointed out that their hand holding and touching of each other’s backs are signs of their intimacy. “It suggests a mutual registering of love and support,” she said.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, visit Redwoods Tree Walk on October 31, 2018, in Rotorua, New Zealand. David Rowland - Pool/Getty Images